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It's a bit of a ridiculous suggestion really.

Abenomics is Abenomics.

It's not as if it's some silly hoity toity made up catchphrase of something!


Can't be changed.

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I must say, having been here in England for about 2 weeks now, I am really missing Abenomics.

Hard to say exactly why other than the obvious.... it's just the vibe and general good feeling that it brings to life, perhaps.

And the lack of faffing and fannying about.

If there's one thing I'm jolly well looking forward to, it's getting back to the land of Abenomics.

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Good on the street interview with a ba-san this lunchtime.

Talking about Abenomics, she was trying to say she didn't know what it meant and then came up with




Well, I thought it was funny.

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