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- Until 7th February 2003 (extended)


In this extra giveaway, we have the following prizes for our readers:


- 10 lift tickets for NISEKO HIRAFU RESORT

- 10 lift tickets for JOETSU KOKUSAI RESORT

- 3 sets of SMITH GOGGLES


So that means there will be 23 winners, so if you enter you will have a better-than-usual chance of winning!



Entering this giveaway is a little different from our usual weekly giveaways.....


To enter:

- be registered and logged in to SnowJapan.Com;


- submit a RESORT REVIEW (of at least 50 words length) from http://www.snowjapan.com/e/voice/review.php


That's it.


No need to worry about email addresses or names - if you submit a review logged in as a registered member, we already know those details.


We see this as a good way to give some nice prizes to our users, and at the same time increase the number of reader reviews - which will ultimately make the site better for everyone. So please do try to make the reviews as worthwhile and interesting as possible.


Please also note that we reserve the right to not publish any reviews for any reason (but that very rarely happens!)


All reviews submitted and posted from 14th Jan 03 until 7th Feb 03 are valid.


Thanks and good luck!


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  • 2 weeks later...

this is NOT a complaint, I am just a little perplexed:


I have put my back into a few reviews and they dont qualify by submission date. But I could today make a review for a place that I have never been to and I could say "the snow was good" and nothing more and I qualify.


Like I said, this is NOT a complaint. Like everyone else I appreciate these give aways and the site as a whole.

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  • SnowJapan Admin

We are hoping that people write reviews because they want to contribute to the site in a positive way - sharing experiences, sharing info, improving the site for everyone..... not just because they want to win a ticket and certainly not make reviews for places that they have never been to. We would be extremely disappointed if that were the case.


Having a special giveaway for the 4 week period is a way to encourage people to do just that.


We understand your point about your previous reviews not being valid for this particular giveaway, but please understand that we do not do this alone and in order to run these deals, we need the cooperation of snow resorts who provide the tickets. Specifics of how the giveaway is presented and offered need to be decided between us and them.


Thank you.

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I can't believe they are having to defend themselves for giving stuff away! Can you believe that? Week in week out this place is throwing out holidays, tickets, goggles... Give us a break, will you? eek.gif


And if it's not a complaint you have, why don't you email them instead of asking "in public"?

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