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Just passed my Technician class test today.. Was just 1 question short of passing the General as well (without actually studying for that one)... zannen! Combination of the book "Plain-English Study Guide for the FCC Amateur Radio Technician Class License" and an iPhone app with sample questions made passing the test a breeze.. Maybe 5 hours total study over the course of a month. Now just gotta do the paperwork to apply for a JPN station license.


Anyway, any backcountry folks on here who also have the ham radio ticket? Have you found it useful and what sort of gear are you running? I'm mostly looking for communicating within the group (gotta convince the other guys I ride with to get a license.. hah) - but also as a backup to potentially call out for help in an emergency.


Thinking of getting a Yaesu FT-60R or a Kenwood TH-F6A




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