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Cheers mate! Make sure you get that cam out on the deep days, your vids keep me going through the long aussie summer months as I count down my days till I leave for japan. I subscribe to your youtube

No prob mate. Unfortunately I hypextended my ankle yesterday and its swollen up pretty bad today so I will be out of action for a few days I think. Here are some snapshots from yesterday riding with

Will do. Im doing the Chitose dash today. Cant wait to get home actually.

awww, end of a danchi era! Well done on not getting any injuries and doing something most of us probably say we'd do, but likely wouldnt in a bazillion years. :cheers:

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now that its all over, were there any times where you were pissed off with heading to a cold car for the night after a hard days shredding and/or bevvying at night? Did you only stay in the car or did you get a hotel some nights?

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Staying in the car never pissed me off once. Im a pretty resilient fella!

Being able to move around freely was well worth it. I saw everything in Hokkaido that I had been dreaming about for years, had the best snow at the best spot every day. So many first lifts due to sleeping in the car park LOL.

-21c at sounkyo spa / kurodake ropuway was a definate highlight!

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Here are some pics from my phone. I have slr pics but have to upload them so I will post them later. They are in no particular order btw.


a snow storm tears through kutchan



the locals start getting rid of the snow as soon as it starts to fall



asahidake gas venting



snow dump near asahikawa



lower asahidake trees



sounkyo spa ice fall festival




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locals on the way up asahidake peak



the split



an ocean of snow outside asahikawa



even the road work barriers are cutesy animals



the apprentice removes ice from my wheel wells as my tank is filled up



hokkaido pancake


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cliffs near sounkyo spa



kurodake ski lift closed for (lack of) maintanence



looking back toward the kurodake ski lift



ice formations on the kurodake ropuway car



kurodake coldness



from the bottom looking up kurodake ropuway




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Sounkyo which is where Kurodake ropuway is situated was by far the most beautiful and breath taking place I visited on my trip. Tomamu was the most disappointing place although it is quite beautiful in the surrounding area

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