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Bag, which place do you mean? I went to Sapporo Kokusai from airport on monday; that was close to 2 hours.

Tuesday I went to Niseko, and that was almost 3 hours.

Wednesday to Rusutsu, a few minutes more than 2 hours.

I hadn't done a Sapporo hotel stay package for about 20 years, and won't ever again.

The problem is that traffic in Sapporo has become horrendous; add in icy streets and it's a total clusterF just getting out of the city.

Too much wasted time. I can remember going downtown to Kokusai on the bus in less than an hour (back in the day!).


Spoilsport driver wouldn't let me drive naked, so I just snagged a snowboard and bungee cord from the luggage bin and got a naked tow. :D

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