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Sake Appreciation Thread 2012/2013

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Sake is just like water flavoured with the gift of life. Have it cold, but never on the rocks, the melt would corrupt the taste.

on an oishii program, they just say oishii all the time. Anybody could do that.

I'd like for one person to just screw their face up and bellow....."SHITE!!"

Hitachi Hanagasumi:



1,580 yen for the bottle above.


Advertised as being "pure Ibaraki":

--Ibaraki rice (Chiyo Nishiki)

--Ibaraki water (from Mt. Tsukuba)

--Ibaraki yeast (Hitachi Koubo)


...the last one being the most significant, I suspect. Many "local" sakes seem to use one of a few popular strains of yeast, mixed with local rice and water.


The Hitachi Koubo is apparently a unique, local strain of koubo. And it does taste rather unique. Almost a bit effervescent, if that makes sense.


This sake is very dry (highest rank on the 5-point scale), yet with a kind of "fizzy" feeling to it. Hard to explain.

On the light side as far as flavor and smell go, but definitely has a presence... Kind of an odd one.


But I have to say I rather like it. It really holds its dryness with acidic conviction, even into the aftertaste.


I'll give this one a 6, and also keep an eye out to see if there are other sakes using this particular koubo.

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Miharukoma Hatsushibori from Miharu, Fukushima:



1600 yen for the above bottle.


Only one store in town that I know of that regularly carries Miharukoma. Happened to chance by there yesterday, and picked up this bottle. From the name, assume it is the first batch from last year's new rice. A bit lighter at first sip than I remember of regular Miharukoma, but good, reasonably strong, dry aftertaste.


6 or 7 out of 10.

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How much sake do you sake drinkers drink in a sitting?


You know how when you have a few beers, maybe a few cans, maybe more.


What is it with sake?

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I once got so blasted on it, I couldn't touch alcohol for 6 months after.



A few years back I got spectacularly drunk.

The hangover seemed to last best part of a week.

I really was off any kind of drink for months.

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Zao, from Shiroishi, Miyagi.

Picked it up just for the name.

Label features depiction of Mt. Zao as seen from Shiroishi:



1820 yen.


Mellow, but with a flavor that spreads throughout the mouth. No tinny or clunky notes.

Subtle but... surprisingly good, given that I usually like much more strongly-flavored sakes.

Not dry, but not syrupy.



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