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How many times will you ski or slide this season?

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I remember when I first came to Yuzawa and at night there was so many choices weekdays



Yuzawa Park

Yuzawa Nakazato






The whole town was lit up, it looked great there was a real atmosphere.

I used to go most evenings a different place every day.

Now I think it is only Iwappara that opens weekdays for nighta.

Might have to check that, but details aside nighta really has been cut back in this region.


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Before going to Niseko, my first experience of nighta was at Naeba....it was great. Day was maa maa but it started to snow about 4pm and the nighta session was great and hardly anyone there

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Maybe we'd better get back on subject....the lack, loss and death of....is kinda depressing..


In my part of Yamagata the one place that does nighta probably ekes out its existence from its nighta regulars.


I absolutely love nightas, because I have all day to decide whether I want to go or not. Last year I went so often at night that I started having problems seeing during the day while snowboarding.

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With fresh snow and good conditions, Ishiuchi Maruyama nighta is very good too.


I remember my first time there a couple of seasons back, and you're right. It is a great place, with some fantastic views.

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Mama not gonna be stuck in Perth all season after all!


Starting off with a Euro quickie on boxing day...and hopefully finishing with a late season run to Hokkaido.

The call of the snowflakes is just too too strong!!!

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