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You know, when it makes no sense. And most Japanese don't even know what it means.


One that always gets me is the way they sometimes put "the" in the form of ザ before some Japanese. WHY?!?!?



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How about:


Yes, My 人間ドック


I had a chuckle when I saw that.


Yeah, the ドック is a dock that a ship goes to for inspection/repairs. Wonder who thought up that one.



The one that upsets me the most is when they have a foreigner (baseball player, soccer coach etc) speaking Japanese on the news or something and they put it all in katakana. They are making the effort to say things in Japanese so they should at least treat it as so.

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"My Car"


Me: This is my car

Japanese person: Ah, my car.

Me: No, that would be your car.

Japanese person: Your car? No, my car.

Me (pointing to their car): This is your car.

Japanese person: No, this my car.





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