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Mt Granview watch (or... the Japanese ski resort to watch for the 12/13 season)

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There's no doubt that Mt Granview is one of the Japanese ski resorts to watch in the run up to the 12/13 season.   After some epic days out this season by various members on here, including myself:

Well, I have been extremely busy working on some "concepts" for Mt Granview t-shirts.   After literally a few sleepless minutes of carefully thinking through the ideas and, indeed, throwing out some

Mt Granview doesn't need to stoop to such puff promotions.    

BTW, is the name perhaps supposed to be "Grand View", as in the fine views you get?


No, it's "Gran's View", named after the lady who (wo)mans the ticket office! :D


& I like the T-shirt idea! :thumbsup:

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