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First off thanks to everyone in this forum for helping me collect information on my trip!


I was worried getting there because I saw barely any snow in Nagano city, and not much riding the Nagaden to Yudanaka.

Fortunately as I took the bus up into Shiga Kogen, did I begin seeing snow.

Our party ended up going to Sun Valley because it was close and that we're all new to snowboarding.

the snow was just okay, kinda wet and you see water dripping from the roofs of the surrounding buildings.




As for snowboarding.. it was my first time.. and I spent hours trying to figure out how to stand!! :confused:

i'd fall, then when I try to get up, the board starts sliding and I'd fall back down again.

I've tried several techniques.. such as keeping the board facing horizontally instead of pointing downwards to the slope.. but that didn't help much..

some of the others got over it quickly but i spent the entire time stuck on trying to get up.. let alone practicing to snowboard :sadface:



What's worse, the day we leave, lots of snow began falling so there was nicer snow the following day! I also noticed quite a few British people there too


as for Monkeys... they are awesome!! its a long walk.. and very very muddy during this time of year..

My only regret is not researching how to snowboard more, and spending more time here in order to get better. is skiing easier than snowboarding?



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skiing initially is easier just because the planks are facing forward. What you should try and do next time is (I'm assuming you were trying to stand up onto your heel edge from a sitting position) flip over into a press up like position, so your toes are pointing into the slope then push yourself up into a standing position (your board will be running across the slope, not down). I found this a lot easier than trying to hyper extend and get my balance on my heel edge

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Its a shame you didn't take a lesson. You see many beginners on the slopes who have spent money on rental, travel, lift tickets etc and think they can get by without a lesson or are being taught by a friend who can barely turn. Snowboardings quite easy if you are shown the basics and will be a lot less painful.

Progression is faster than skiing so its usually quite easy to become a competent boarder quite quickly. You can research about how to snowboard on youtube or be given tips on forums but you will be far better off having having an instructor telling you what to do in person.

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