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Saturday 25th Feb, Shirakawa kogen kokusai, Nagano

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Finally got round to adding a few pics from are skiing last Saturday.

After contemplating where to go due to the doggy weather, we decide to opt for a very high resort fairy close to home.

The base is at 1500 metres above sea level, so knew it would be snowing there for sure.


Anyway no report, as I did one on this last year, just simply sharing a few pics mostly from the 5km cross country course we went on as well as the ski slopes.



Along the way on the 5 km cross country course



A snowy crossing



A frozen lake on the way



Only 3 km left to go



A snowy stream



Back on the resort now



Looking at a snow monster from the lift



Some more snow monsters? Well not really but the trees do like nice don't you think?



Another much shorter cross country / downhill run through the trees.

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Is that part of the ski jo, like one of them round the side/road courses?


Yes in summer it is a road that cars can drive on. You enter the course from the top of the ski jo and tjen ski down and connect back to the ski jo either in the middle or at the bottom.



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& judging by the pix, I thought it was a mis-type of foggy!! ;)


Have always fancied a bit of cross-country skiing - more so than downhill skiing actually! :lol:

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Base @1500m hey? Didn't know it was so high up in that area.

Yes most of the resorts in that area are very high, it is highland area, very cool in summer and even when raining other areas it is almost always snowing there during winter.

Kiyosato here in Yamanashi is the same hight!


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Cross country looks too much like hard work to me.


100m of flat at a skijo - Zao, Hakuba 47 come to mind - is more than enough!


It is hard but great fun at the same time, the part I took my daughter on after the short 500 metre hike on skis was flat to a slight downhill so was very easy. Other parts are harder as they are up hill to as was the connecting part between the ski jo and the main course. It is also a nice snow shoeing area.

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