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Will do that Chriselle.

What kind of shows does Maher do generally? Nothing on skyperfect hey?


Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO. As a Canuck a lot of his humour slips by me in that I'm not really all that interested in American politics. I find he and Dennis Miller to be similar. Great minds but no one is as fast on their feet or quick with an idea as Adam Carolla...


To expound a little on Adam Carolla.

His podcast is the most downloaded podcast on the net and if you have a smartphone you can stream his shows which are almost daily through the adamcarolla app or you can go through iTunes. The app and the episodes are free.

To get to some of the old Loveline stuff which is a MUST because so much of it is wildly funny you get those streams through ...giopodcast.com which is just a fan of Adam's (superfan Giovani) that compiled all the Loveline years. I stream these loveline episodes through the iCatcher app on my iphone.

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