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The general 'Japan earthquake' topic

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Muika, he is apparently going for 10 days. He is not the most communicative so all she knows is 10 days, 7 with a family in Shizuoka and 3 in Tokyo. He is not organized in the slightest, so I ran he

My instinct for big earthquakes pre-training   Stand around Shit my pants Phew   After Pick up son and grab wife Get earthquake kit Dive under table Shit my pants

That would indeed be a sickner

On my drive in every morning I have an up close and personal view of Fuji...like BM and Snowdude. Yes, whenever I see a pillow cloud I think.....that's cool...followed by ....we're in for stormy weather. First time hearing about the earth quake predictions though.

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They are called lenticular clouds if you want to look them up for more pics from around the world. They are quite common around high mountain peaks and ranges throughout the world. Even Australia's little mountains get them occasionally. Such clouds have from time to time been mistaken for UFO's. They are a very normal meteorological phenomena and have no relation whatsoever to earthquakes (at least from a scientific point of view).


Here's some more extremely cool ones.







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Another scary story to add to the pile.

There sure seems to be a ton of 'chatter' right now.










The Cabinet prefecture from 2012, takes a second look capital city falling perpendicularly earthquake measure, examines measure concerning the enormous earthquake of the plate boundary type which happens with the Sagami trough paralleling like Kanto large earthquake disaster (1923).  With the goal of the spring of 13, seismic intensity distribution and supposition of height of the tidal wave are collected.  The possibility magnitude (M) 8 class earthquakes of the Sagami trough paralleling being thought, that 200~400 year every other with it happens, in the future occurring within 100 years quite from low thing, so far was outside the object of examination. But, we had decided to add earthquake of the maximum scale which being the scale where east Japanese large earthquake disaster exceeds the supposition with respect to prevention of disasters in teaching, is thought to the object.  Damage supposition is taken a second look on the basis of the up-to-date research result, in addition, concerning the earthquake of 18 types of M7 class which designates Tokyo bay north section and the Tachikawa fault etc which are the object of former capital city falling perpendicularly earthquake measure as the seismic center. In importance investigation of the education scientific ministry which is continued to this year, the depth where the plate (rock board) of the sea enters under the plate of the land is ascertained, the fact that among other things 5~10 kilometer it is shallower than former supposition. There is a possibility supposition of former compared to seismic intensity becoming large.

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You know what we have the 9 o'clock news on here and that bloody annoying tv alert thing went off.


Panic heartbeat cartoon style for a minute or two, but we didn't actually feel anything here.

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