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I agree, ale/bitter seems to get me knocked out quicker than lager. Seems to.

Anyone know where to download this App   http:// http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=6a8Eimr-fm0

Yona Ale is like my favourite beer these days.

Funny, but now that you can buy Classic pretty much anywhere, anytime...it just doesn't taste as special.

Not saying it's bad, just doesn't have that sitting in the onsen after a full day of knee-deep powder taste.

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There are two methods to determine alcohol by volume.


The first one is really fun. You have to get together with one of your friends. Your friend is called the 'control variable' because you know that he can drink 10 pints of 5% beer before trying to hump everyone in the bar and singing karaoke with a lamp shade on his head. So while you casually sip your homebrew your friend starts plowing through the beers. Once he starts making a mess of his pick-up lines and starts dry humping a barstool you know that he has reached the 'saturation point'. You then count the number of empty pints he has littered the place with. In the case of the beer I brewed, Mr. Control Variable started running amok at 7.8 pints which gives you a 6.5% ABV.


However, if you don't want to share your beer with your friend and have to watch him turn into a slobbering idiot you can use the second, not quite as fun method. You use a hydrometer to take readings when you've brewed the beer, called the 'original gravity', (before adding the yeast) and after fermentation is complete, called the 'final gravity'. A hydrometer basically measures the density of liquid and can tell you the difference between a sugary liquid (pre-fermentation) and a liquid with converted sugars, alcohol (post-fermentation).


For example, when using a hydrometer, the density of water is 1.000. The original gravity of my beer before fermentation was 1.060 and the final gravity (once the yeast had eaten all of the sugar and pooped out alcohol) was 1.010. Then you have to use your brain and this equation: Alcohol by volume =(76.08 * (og-fg) / (1.775-og)) * (fg / 0.794). Or the slightly less confusing ABV = (og – fg) * 131.25


Hope that clears it up ;)

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