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Dec 27th Ski report (Shirakabako Royal Hill), Nagano, Chino

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gallery_8995_103_919546.jpggallery_8995_103_48076.jpggallery_8995_103_425630.jpggallery_8995_103_753928.jpggallery_8995_103_574006.jpggallery_8995_103_816848.jpggallery_8995_103_1211570.jpggallery_8995_103_121443.jpggallery_8995_103_1371162.jpgWell after having my first day of the season on Boxing day with my daughter and expecting to be rather achy the next day, we decided to stick to a small resort not to far away.

As I had been to some of the Shirakabako resorts before, I thought we would try a different one, especially as with a discount ticket it cost just 2700 yen for a day ticket and my daughter was free!


Anyway Shirakabako is part of the Shirakabako resort chain in Chino part of Nagano, not that far from Suwa really and it is only a small resort.


Basically 2 beginner courses, two intermediate courses and supposedly a more advanced course, but at most the hardest part at the top was only intermediate level, so not a challenge for us at all.


We really just went their for an easy day of fun that would not be to much on our legs, but actually we didn't really ache at all.

It was to easy really as the incline was just no where near enough!


We parked at the top car park which is right in line with the middle of the slopes, a 30 metre walk to the slope at most. You can ski down get a lift up or ski across to the other side and get a lift up.

We chose to go down, only to find the bottom crowded with loads of beginners and people having lessons. The lift line was about a ten minute wait.


Once we got up the top it was near on empty, which was great and as they had just put up the flags for the slalom course we decided to give that ago, which was fun.


Although we skied to the bottom from the top a few times, we stayed mainly at the top and practiced going down the slalom course as quickly as we could in between just messing around on the wide section.


From top to bottom it is 1600 metres long, with two lifts to get to the top, the course at the top is very wide actually and branches of half way down to the left and right as well as straight down.


The beginner course which was not open, was probably about 600 metres total length?


Snow conditions where so so, as is to be expected this time of year in this part of the country. Although it had snowed there the night before it was only like about 5cm or so on top of an already small base.

Having said that there where powder stashes on the edges, which we took advantage of, and compared to Yamanashi the conditions where better.


All in all an easy fun day, as that is all we intended, but I dont think we will go back there later in the season, even with more snow as it is just too easy. My daughter also found it easy too, certainly for her it was much easier than the day before in Kiyosato which although not super steep was certainly steeper and harder for her than here.


If any one is living in the area or like us just want an easy day, then here is ok, but if you are far away or want a challenge not recommended.

Also ok if you want a cheap day out if you are close by at just 2700 yen for a day ticket!

It is however supposed to be very good for boarders, but as I don't board I can't comment, but they did have some jumps and kickers, etc!


As it was sunny the views are good, and would be even better with more snow around.


At the top car park there is a small rest house where you can buy your lift ticket from and a restaurant. We brought our own food so I can't comment on the food, but didn't appear that they had so much to offer.


There is also a restaurant at the bottom.


Well below are a few pics, unfortunately I forgot my camera so had to take pics with my smart phone!


Pics will follow in a short while!!!!

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Yes up to chino area including Yamanashi is not a heavy snow area, it snows but not so much, more cold than it is snowy. It was -10 at 3.30pm that day and it was sunny!

As for skiing Muika with all the lovely snow you get, I would not recommend visiting this area for skiing you would be disappointed. Nice in summer though much cooler than Niigata, never gets above 25oC in these highland areas.


Planning to go to Nozawa, Madarao or Myoko again later next month for some skiing in real snow!

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