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Like the bats in Fear and Loathing when the good Doctor and Raoul got near Barstow, so were the voices as I approached the cheese this morning whilst awaiting my departure in the Qantas Club. "Take me to Japan, take me to Japan, please Mr snowboarder, take me to Japan, I MUST ride Hokkaido". I looked around but was alone, well all except for the slices of cheeder and a weird short wedge, which on closer inspection seemed to be speaking. My god!!!! what was in that cheap bubbly I was drinking??? Was there LSD in those scrambled eggs??? Was my mind scrambled from too much fun when I was young, NO!!!!!!!!!!!! this could not be happening again. NOOOOO not again. A snowboarding cheese that is on the nose. PLEASE PLEASE dont let this be happening, I've just recovered from Stinky, now this.....


I looked around, what could I do??? A cheese asks for help, how can one turn his back, like on a red haired step child, like a back packer begging for some conservation cause such as the endangered well behaved Aussie traveler. No I couldn't, I cant, its Xmas, I must share the spirit. So it begins, just like last time, although rather than a Chinese creamy escaping the confines of the great wall, this time its an Aussie running from the land of that once existed on the sheep's back to the land of the rising nuclear sun. Stay tuned, hang on tight, the adventures of Smelly, the distant cousin of Stinky, the snowboarding cheese is about to begin....

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Like the bats in Fear and Loathing when the good Doctor and Raoul got near Barstow, so were the voices as I approached the cheese this morning whilst awaiting my departure in the Qantas Club. "Take me

Thats cool. Smiths I/O - can't do a gear review yet mate as they are in Hakuba and Im in Hokkaido. Got them from these guys   http://stores.ebay.com/supershades2010 I'm pretty sure the I/OS are th

He may be a bit soft to go the distance but lets wait and see.....


Looks like we may be stuck in Tokyo though as the weather is Sapporo is very snowy....That's hurting me for sure!!! Plan A would have seen me in Hakuba tonight... Oh well....

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Well we made it to Niseko. Here's some pics so far... (Still trying to master uploading them here SJF - will sort it out soon)


This is where I found my new smelly friend, hanging with some rather thin friends at the Qantas club. His is a tad soft though but how could I say no to his pleas, perhaps Im just as soft as him.




Being a a rather soft bugger there was no bloody mary's for breakfast for my new friend. Oh no, he is all class all the way, its nothing but bubbly for this cheese. Maybe he is gay, not that there is anything wrong with that!




And of course he bunmed a seat next to me in business class (got to LOVE frequent flier points). He is a bit of a cheeky bugger like that, and Im sure thats part of him that I will enjoy hanging with even if he is already a tad musky.... Whilst I stayed somewhat sober the little bugger got on it and even invited some of his mates to come join us from cattle class. Needless to say they didn't make it back....








After a great flight with JAL from Sydney a rather intoxicated Smelly managed to hide away in my pocket and slide through customs without a passport, Im not sure if he will ever get back into Australia again though.... It looked like we may get stuck in Tokyo as it was puking in Sapporo. I was bummed but we took off and were one of the few flights to land - stoked!!! Then it was the bus up to Niseko, with Smelly demanding a place with a great view, his cousin Stinky had ramped the place up last year and he was amped, although it may have been all the drinks on the plane and airline lounges.




After a non eventful trip with the smelly little bugger crashed out we made it to Black Diamond lodge in Niseko just after midnight. The lovely Kat met us at the Hilton and bought us to the lodge. Smelly was sound asleep in my back pack so I didn't wake him and I crashed to, knowing it was snowing. Waiting in anticipation for the morning.


Well we woke up to a yummy breakfast in a great place and mounted up heading out in blustery conditions. It was really touch and go but being the 1st day there it was "go". Oddly enough though our plans were thawted when we came across an accident with a hummer having destroyed its front end in a snow drift on the side of the road. Us lads jumped out to help and after pushing one guy out then seeing a bus get stuck we headed back to the warmth of the lodge out of the horizontal snow.




Well that's it for now, we are all just hanging at the lodge waiting for the conditions to settle and we'll ride tonight what ever. I need to sort out a zip lock boarding jacket for Smelly though, man his fragrance is STRONG...


Everyone have a safe and merry xmas.

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  • SnowJapan Admin
(Still trying to master uploading them here SJF - will sort it out soon)


Hi pete, I have sent you a mail that you will need to check.....


Thank you.

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Ah finally some photos showing how the fragrant one has been spending his trip. Yesterday was AWESOME, certainly Smelly's best day on the mountain and in my top 5. The great guys at Black Diamond drove us over to Rusutsu. If you ever get a chance do it - my now fav place in Japan. Tree runs were sensational. Sorry didn't really pull the camera out as it was epic and cold but we got a couple pics.



At Rusutsu lift


Smelly Rusutsu lift



After a day sliding we headed off to the Crab Shack at Niseko village for a great feed with the mandatory sake. Smelly got right into the spirit although got a little confused and kept jumping on the plates and the little box holding all the coals that we cooked the scallops on. Great feed - do yourself a f(l)avour!


Smelly  squid

smelly   coals

smelly sushi



Now after a great day on the mountain Smelly was a tad leg sore, if that was possible so it was off to Green Leaf for an Onsen. As we walked in the bar was happening so Smelly is all, "Lets hit that for a bevy on the way back" but obviously we were a little tired. Green Leaf has an outdoor Onsen which is epic. Still not sure doing a Super Man dive into the snow then getting back into the Onsen was smart, but at the time.......


smelly onsen


After the Onsen we couldn't really go past the bar so the 4 of us cruised in and well, Smelly is certainly a chip off the old block that Stinky came from and was the wing man with the goods, soon chatting up all the young hotties and making friends as quick as the drinks were going down.


smelly girl 1

smelly Pete And Canada girl

Smelly J Crew 1

smelly girl2


Then a VERY odd thing happened. Under the gaze of Santa Klaus....Smelly got all silly over a girl that, well looks like, well lets just say there must be inner beauty in there somewhere as to us, and I say this with all due respect, that she looks like Mr Hanky's kinda girl, but really who am I to judge... Meet Unko....


Smelly And Unko

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Smelly and Unko :omg: :lol:


Pete, good to hear you are out there mate. But do you know what you just dropped ...

maybe you just started a trend for saying smelly this and that instead of bloody, blinkin, fookin, holy ... :D

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The next adventure starts in 10 mins. Off to another resort! Yesterday at Niseko started with a 40min grovel out of flat waist deep area which bought great mirth to the guys on the lift above us and the only thing Smelly contributed was weight, and no not in the 70s California style... Then when we got to my little "secret" stash my lift pass cracked, stopped working and even with Smelly's charms we could only do one run as the liftie wouldn't let us back up. Oh well. All good. See you next time for another (un)fulfilling episode of Smelly the Snowboarding Cheese.

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Well that was yesterday and its a new day today. We were going to hit a small resort this morning but luckily we called ahead as only one small lift was working. Being an Aussie we decided to go to Boganville and picked up a 5 hr pass for Hirafu. We had some great tree runs and another hike out, although this time a lot shorter although it was up a fall line. Of course Smelly is such a socialite, needing to meet everyone in the Gondy etc although when we were out riding he wasn't too keen to leave the nice warm confines of the back pack. As I said earlier he really is a bit soft... and the cracks are starting to show.








As the entire top of the mountain was closed due to wind the Gondy Line got a little busy. Its been 4 or 5 days since the top has opened as I understand it and its done nothing but snow all that time so once it opens it should be EPIC!




I guess for most of us this is what it is about, although its not a great photo, nor the best terrain, its just where I felt my camera fall out and I was lucky enough to be able to get back to retrieve it. It was too cold for the fragrant one to make an appearance. Honestly it was steeper than it looks.. :)




Whilst waiting for the shuttle bus back to Niseko village the little bugger commandeered a sled and had some fun outside the New visitor centre at the Gondy which is a great bit of kit staffed by the most lovely girls there are. My habit of falling in love 10x a day continues unabated :)



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