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Osaka - Kuromon and Dotonburi

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I got into Osaka last night and crashed. This morning I got going late after breakfast and some shopping. I wandered through Shin-sekai and took some photos of Billiken the good luck god and then wandered down through Den-den town where the bargains are very thin on the ground. Then turned right into the Kuromon Markets to get some photos of the produce on display. The tempura vegetables were a big hit to my eyes.



Tempura Vegetables


Next on the menu is Rice balls in tofu pockets. I have made these in Furano and they are yummy.




Then there is the sea-food. Lots of it. I loved the look of this octopus with some sort of rock cod with his big mouth. There were a couple of Nannygai on the other side.




There are also lots of live fish swimming around in tanks waiting to be bumped off and eaten. This is a puffer fish, soon to become fugu for some dare-devil.




The fruit is displayed like expensive jewellery and there are lots of pickled vegetables and some fresh vegetables in the shops as well.




After that I headed off to the bridge over the river at Dotonburi where I wanted to get some photos of the people hanging out in that area. This cool dude was just standing around being suave.




The j-boys were working the bridge. I do not know what their scam was but they would go up to girls walking past and chat them up.




The ladies look absolutely fabulous, dahhling. They love shopping.








Fashion is a big thing in Osaka.



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thanks muika, i like your style too :)


SnowJunky, I should be skiing in 2 days, the day after tomorrow. woot !!


Warmsaki. Welcome. I stay in Shin-imamiya area because its very cheap. I like Osaka too. and i am headed for Hokkaido as well.

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