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Help compare Tazawako and Appi Kogen over Christmas

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As I will be skiing only one or maybe two days between Christmas and New Year I like to get help on where to go.

I am an advanced skiier and like carving, hence not looking for powder.


Given the snow situation it looks like Appi Kogen and Tazawako could be fully open.

I like the resort to be to 95% open in order to get a really good idea and experience.


Reading on this forum my impression is that Tazawako is steeper more advanced, but small.

Appi Kogen has a bigger area but maybe to flat for my style?


Further, how are the chair lifts. Which resort has reallt fast lifts with bulbs to protect for bad weather?


What else do you consider to be important?

Could another resort be worth to consider in the Tohoku area?




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