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:wave: Hi SJers.

I have been absent lately and miss you all!

Life has become incredibly busy all of a sudden and I am currently trying to achieve the impossible - but simply refuse to accept it.

I can somehow bend time and force there to be 32 hours each day, can't I?!


Anyhow I am not likely to find another spare 5 minutes to drop by before Christmas so...


I would like to wish you all, wherever you are, a very Merry Christmas.


And if I don't talk to you before I shall make sure I check in with photo's and updates from Zermatt from early Janaury.

Later Groovers!!!

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Thanks Mama Bear & best wishes to you, the cubs and Papa.

Have a swell time in Zermatt. :cheers:

Have a schuss down the Theodulgletscher for me. I really miss that place

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i thought this was a thread where you put down what you want for xmas..


i am going to anyway.


i want a small laptop about 11" with 4 megs of ram.

and an mp3 player with a big screen so i can manage folders.

oh and a canon d60 with 400mm lens.


that will do.


btw, best wishes to all and a happy new year.



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