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A total of 30 passes will be issued by lottery that will be valid for the season at the following resorts:


Gala Yuzawa

Yuzawa Kogen


Naspa Ski Garden



Yuzawa Nakazato

Yuzawa Park


Pass price is JPY 70,000.


Deadline for application is November 20, 2011 to the Yuzawa Tourist Association. Winners will be drawin on November 22nd.


For Iwappara and Kandatsu, you must exchange the season pass for a 1 day lift ticket, and then at the end of the day, go back to reclaim your pass. At the other resorts, the pass itself is valid for lifts.

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No idea why only 30 passes are being issued...you would think that they could sell a lot more. Often times special season passes are drawn by lottery, for example the Nagano resorts have a drawing for a 30,000 season pass to some of the majors and a lot of the minor resorts in Nagano. You can do a search for Snowlove, but closing date for that is in a few days.


For Yuzawa I suppose you can do a search on: 湯沢温泉総合案内所

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  • SnowJapan Admin

Sorry got caught up in too many things - will get to this tomorrow. Thanks. :friend:


Edit: Monday!!

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  • SnowJapan Admin

My colleague has spoken with the people offering this just to make sure of all the details and here they be.


The 8 resorts that the season ticket covers are as follows:


Gala Yuzawa, Yuzawa Kogen, Ipponsugi, NASPA Ski Garden, Iwappara, Yuzawa Park, Yuzawa Nakazato, Kandatsu Kogen


To enter you need to send an email shown in this pdf file (in Japanese, but you can see the email address). In the email send you postcode, address and full name. Just one entry per person.


The page where the offer is, but not much info other than the PDF file below



PDF file:



I think that's it.

Good luck if you enter!

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Thanks for the heads up dynna

Why only 30 passes?

And why a lottery?


It's just what they have decided on as a special promotion.... this is a ticket that does not normally exist.


And remember, it's still not free - the 'winners' still need to pay 70,000 yen.


It's not all the resorts in Yuzawa and not including Kagura or Naeba.


If you see yourself going to those resorts more than 17 times, it might be a great opportunity but I doubt that there will be a huge mad rush to enter to be honest.

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Here's what I would perhaps get out of it. Can't see me wanting to spend more time than below at these places, and I would probably be going because I have the ticket as well.


Gala Yuzawa - 4 days

Yuzawa Kogen - 1 day

Ipponsugi - 0 days.... it's a tiny tiny one run place

Naspa Ski Garden - 0 days...... skiers only

Kandatsu - 3 days

Iwappara - 2 days

Yuzawa Nakazato - 1 day

Yuzawa Park - 1 day


So I don't think it's for me.

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