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I discovered the Sekaimon website this weekend and wondered if anyone has any experience (good or bad) using it? For those who don't know (and as far as I can gather), it's run by Shop Airlines Ltd, who are affiliated to eBay, and it allows Japanese buyers to bid on and buy stuff from the US ebay, even when the seller doesn't ship internationally. What happens is that the seller sends the item to Shop Airline's US warehouse, who then deal with all the paperwork and shipping to Japan, I think for a 15% commission. The Japanese buyer will also have to pay for the shipping costs and customs duties, etc, which will no doubt add up but with the Yen currently being so strong against the Dollar, I'm thinking that I could pick up some deals (on snowboarding gear and other stuff) and still be quids in! Well that's the theory anyway but :wakaranai:


Cheers! :)

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i used it once, just recently, worked out OK, price was still decent. Though one thing that confused me that I need to check out (thanks for the reminder!) was the delivery was C.O.D I don't remember checking that option I assumed it would have been taken care of on the CC.



that should say the delivery charge was C.O.D,. the rest was on CC

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Payment methods: PayPal

Next Payment Amount 1: US66.82 U.S. dollars (Y 5,197)


»The following breakdown of the total settlement« 1

Auction Price: US54.00 U.S. dollars (Y 4,200)

U.S. Shipping: US0.00 dollar ($ 0.00)

U.S. taxes: US4.72 dollar (367 yen)

Shipping insurance in the U.S.: US0.00 dollar ($ 0.00)

Sekaimon fee: US8.10 dollar (630 yen)


yeah so there you go, the shipping was not included and that was The C.O.D bit. Yes Sekaimon took 15% . I actually used Paypal to pay the US side of things.


In the end, it was well worth it for something that you cant buy in Japan.


I guess it would add up though on marginal price products, but if there something you really want it the option exists.

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