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Haven't been to Biwako with the kids but it's a viable daytrip on the train from Osaka. Quite spectacular with a cable car ride up the mtn which overlooks the lake. Other advantages are you can stop off in Kyoto onthe way home and it's OKish for adults to ski/board.


Rokko was great for my girl- went when she was 3 and there are fun sledding and play areas. Most accessible from Osaka, just a 25 min bus ride up the mountain from the train station. Strictly for the kids and no viable adult skiing unless you are an absolute beginner- not that cheap either.


Hachi Kogen is the best as there is a great kids play area with sledding, playhouses and snow hill to climb. Went last year and the girls got to ride around on a quad bike with Winnie-the-Pooh, good times! Bit of a mission for a day trip unless you drive but would be a great two day one night stay. Also has serious skiing on the Hachi Kita side.


All of these have packages that you can get- JTB (I think) in JR Umeda sation wuld be an easy place to get these. I would go for the Hachi Kogen pension stay option if you can. Be careful with snow gear hire- if you're going for 2-3 days may be worth buying kit for kids.

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