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Haven't had time for a run to Bic past few days, GG.

Maybe after work today.

Friend sent me some info on the Archos 7 tablet, which looks interesting. Going to US in February and may come back with a new toy of some kind.

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OK got my Tab.


Always a pleasure to go to the Docomo shop and talk with the ladies in their lovely outfits and scarf. They always seem so sexiful.



I'll have a fiddle about with it later on.


Good news is that I do NOT need to change the plan, so no extra money a month I can just use the current data plan. I thought as much, couldn't see why there was a need to change plans --- the people last week obviously didn't really know much.

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Well, after playing around with it for a while - I like it.

It doesn't have the same sleekness of the ipad but it works good.

And the display is pretty much half the size of the ipad, so it feels quite different - this is probably the one that I take out and about with me.

Going to enjoy playing with it over the weekend.

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GG puleeese


'I'll have a fiddle about with it later on.'



"Well, after playing around with it for a while - I like it."



"Going to enjoy playing with it over the weekend"


How's your eyesight? omg

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As expected, IPad is better - its twice the size, so more real estate and smooth smooth smooth.


Tab is still much better than a phone in terms of size and also a very nice quality display. It will be great to take out and about especially with the data plan card in it.


So they will both have their uses.

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I bought one too. I have had an android phone for a while now so making the change to the Galaxy was quite easy, in fact I'm swyping this now, takes a little while to get used to, but it's actually very intuitive and will be an excellent tool for inputting on the train.

Docomo has disabled the feature that turns your device into a portable hotspot, which is a big bummer and skype is not available in the docomo market in japan, but thats not a problem, you can install an skype AKP file manually and its good to go. The calender is awesome, browsing is good enough for me

This will be my phone now, my train entertainment system, game player, calender/diary.

I went to Vimeo and watched a full HD video, it was sweet. Google maps was even better than before, with quadruple the real estate of my old phone, which I can still use, if I switch the sim cards, which I intend to do when skiing etc. The gps still functions in the old phone without the sim, so I can still use the cardio trainer and gps features.the camera is decent.still lots to learn and discover but so far very stoked indeed.

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Had a better look today -- and thanks for the tip on keyboard.

Judging from the one youtube vid I pulled up, it looks like a pretty good choice as a player for trips, which is 50% plus what I'm after.

Have to say even the full keyboard wasn't exactly pleasant with my rather clumsy fingers, though. I could probably live with it as a browser once I had main sites bookmarked, but wouldn't want to do more than very short e-mail on that.

Right now, I'd have to say would only be interested in a wi-fi version at a reasonable cost. It beats the iPad by a mile on portability, but loses on ease-of-use. I'll be waiting to see what else comes along.

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swype is awesome, so easy you just drag your finger over the keyboard and 98% of the time it knows what word your were trying to spell.

Standing on the train today I watched a downloaded video file - 1.5 GB HD h.264 file, just dragged and dropped it onto the Galaxy from my PC and it played perfectly, very smooth playback. Sent a few messages using swype - the confined space on the train and train rocking mattered not, just swished the old index finger around and it was spot on.

Its a good size to hold one handed. It is definitely more portable and practical on the train than an ipad. Slipped into my coat pocket nicely too.

If you spend a lot of time on trains and buses then then this is the one for you.

Had a skype chat - no problems there.

Played angry birds which looks glorious on it, some older phones have problems with lag but this was super smooth.



Apps (so far) that are brilliant on it

"Guardian anywhere" - for news - optimizes very well and the Guardian has great articles.

"USA today" - for US centric news.

"Angry birds"

"Aedict" - the phenomenally good Japanese dictionary/kanji tool, works well to, the larger screen is great for drawing the kanji.


The calender is very good,

The email client is so much better than the 1.6 stock version one.

"Opera mini" works very well for standard browsing, the official browser is needed for flash content.

"google maps" - as expected - top notch.

"Jefit" digital exercise trainer - optimizes well.

"note everything" excellent.

"Kindle" yep, very good.

"repligo PDF" reader - excellent.




And to think this thing (and 7 inch tabs) was "dead on arrival" according to Steve Jobs, I have to respect his vision and ingeniousness, but damn he is such a giant douche-bag at the same time.



watch this vid (expand to full size) for a short demo of swype, as you get more used to it you can go quite a bit faster.






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