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What's everyone watching now?

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Over lunch today I just watched "The Thriller In Manilla"

The 1975 world heavyweight title bout between Mohammed Ali & Jo Frasier

It was a 16 round war between a consumate athlete and a never say die, walk through a wall, consumate slugger

One of the best fights of all time - The athlete won.

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Friend of mine has Star Trek DVDs. The original season.


It all a bit rubbish isn't it?


I remember enjoying the Next Generation ones much more.


I agree. I never took to Spock and that doctor dude. Bad acting and slow pace I thought.

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i watched episode 1 of breaking bad at Cairns airport. its pretty good so far..

will get into when i have some more spare time..

then i have to watch the girl with movies #2 and 3.. um girl with fire and girl with something... they will be great..

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