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*18 th Oct 2010. First day of the season. YAY

We arrived at the parking area @1800m to this. Usually, you don´t see snow at this hight till late Nov, so we were stoked!

Last year, my first day was the 19th Oct, so I´m doing well. It was rare to see snow last year in mid Oct, the locals said they´ve never seen it in 25 years .. and I wondered if it would happen again.

So, what was different this year?

1) My missus was with me!

2) We made and took our lunch and tea

3) The Autobahn at the Austria section was limited to 100km meaning it took us 2hrs to get there. Missus couldn´t do her sit at 160km and overtake at 180km driving.

4) The pay toilet price has gone up to 70 cents


When we got there, it was noon and some people were already leaving. We heard it wasn´t too foggy up there. Took a photo, got changed, a cuppa, and bought the half day ticket about 35 Euro each.

When we got to the top, at that magic 3000m hight, we were on clouds watching the berg top poking out to the sunny blue sky.

Jumped up and down, coo-eee a bit, took lots of big breath.

Below 2700m it was foggy, lot´s of rocks sticking out and cracks to fall into. Not enough coverage needing at least another 50 cm.

Snow condition was nothing like last year. I was tossing on which glacier to go to, and I decided because it had 15cm new snow on Sunday and I guessed it would snow overnight. Well, there must have been a lot of people on Sunday. First run was bumpy. I could tell about 20cm had gone on top of an already bumpy hard surface, and after Sunday and that morning, it was cruddy. The snow wasn´t the powder I am used to at that hight, and it comes down to: - still not cold enough.

When we went through the blasting snow cannons, it was not fluffy snow. It was ice and stings your face, sticks to goggles - not nice.

Anyways. The good stuff was, that I still got 4 long nice new tracks on fresh powder. First day, still October and new snow on the slack. Howzzaaaatt! thumbsup biggrin


Funny thing is, since people saw we were doing it, by the next time, there were already half a dozen tracks after us. smile

So, howz it looking for the next week, you might ask. I reckon it will snow sometime Wed-Fri as long as it gets colder. This weekend might be the last chance, cos like last year it probably won´t snow for another few weeks. And by mid Nov, there will be places in the Alps that will open on weekends only if it snows.


Sorry, guys. Missus left the camera behind in the car.

No action shots.





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Yeah, I´m sorry about that.

We made sure the camera was all charged up ready to go the night before.

`Can you pass me the camera?´

`I left it in the car´

doh `like we brought it to take a photo of the parking area?´


`ooh it´s ok don´t worry´ console

it happens ..



We´ll go on Friday.

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Another 10cm of fresh snow.

-10 degrees C @3000m


getting there, hope it stays cold and snows more.

The wind is picking up though, 30 kmh.


I wouldn´t call it powder tbh. There were some icy patches up there.

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Cloudy, cold and rain in Munich.

I bet it´s snowing up there. Says another 10 cm have fallen but the base snow height still the same.


GN. I´m sure when you retire wealthy in 10 years you´d be starting a season via Europe and head to your pad in Hokkaido.

I don´t think it´s reliable enough to plan a snow trip to Austria in Oct or early Nov though. Mid November is considered an early season.

Snowboarders won´t have much fun but skier can go glacier all year long if you so desire. I just couldn´t miss out on the new snow on that glacier surface. It is an impressive operation, when you see snow cannons, 4er, 6er, gondolas going at 3000m.

The snow wasn´t all that good and the piste wasn´t prepared.

We´ll try again

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Probably easier to stay at nicer accomodation with meals in Europe.

It´ll all come down to maintenance and how you wanna do it.

Missus´s parents had a pad in Tirol until recently. Wish they kept it longer, now that we are into it.


Missus is a bit crook today, so we ain´t going :(

Looks like some more snow over the weekend. Yet to see that extra 30cm dump overnight. We´ll wait till Monday.

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Hintertux day trip.

Took us 2 hrs, so I´ll start with some scenery on the Autobahn...












Drive into Zillertal (tal is vally in german) just before Mayrhofen




getting closer ... snow on the road! clap




There... party





















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It has a 150cm base (and still Oct), they say a metre of new snow just fell, but it was thigh deep at the most (in some area)

The snow quality was very good, and I mean it.

We were scouting from the gondola, lifts on the way up, and this place is BIG. Serious stuff. Crevasse all over. Rocks. You won´t see it when you are on the snow. I recommend staying with the markers if you don´t know what you are doing, where you are going. And WEAR A BACK PROTECTOR.

Second day boarding for us and we aren´t where we were at last season.

We decided to save money and do day trip this season. Will take longer to get up to our standards.

Got stuck a couple of times in deep snow. Was difficult boarding deep snow. Had to walk out. The snow was heavy in a way that if my nose went in, no matter how much I lean to the tail, no way I can get my nose back out.

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It might snow on the weekend.

Saas-Fee and Zermatt, and the French Alpen seems like the better option for this week especially if you are coming from uk, etc.

School holidays next week in Germany, so we might give a miss. Conditions won´t be as good as it were early this week in Hintertux unless there is another dump but I think it will hold. I think this place can get congested. The beginner slopes are at the top where the snow is better at the moment. The low/middle bit where the 2nd gondola is amazing freeride. But lots of crevasse and the possible lines will be tracked out by now,


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The temperature went up over the weekend. I think there has been snow/ rain conditions.

Strong wind since Friday, meaning snowdrift and packed surface crust. Expecting snow coming Tuesday, and this could be a setup for surface avalanche. I´m wondering about all these things... Probably the snow can be wet to down deeper then a full slide. Ridge and steeps will be dangerous.

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