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Originally Posted By: Creek Boy
Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads
Rob is talking BluRay - there are only 3 regions
Creek Boy is talking DVD (?)

whoa, thanks. didnt know that myself!

There are reports that a lot of blu-rays are region free though.

Except for Die hard box set from the UK. Annoying ****.
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Do a search on リージョンフリー there are plenty out there but difficult to find in shops. Well I think so anyway.


You can get a fairly decent multi-region DVD for less than 10,000 yen. If you want specifics feel free to pm me.



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No I don't know that at all.


I know the first two are ace, the third is interesting in it's own way and the fourth is.... only seen it once.

There's masses and masses of extra stuff packed on these 6 BluRay discs and for just over 30 quid sounds like a deal to me.

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