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Some people just make me laugh...

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There's this guy who we did some work for in early December 2009.

The bill was about 300,000 yen. Not a small amount in the numbers I work with.

The invoice was sent out in late December for the completed work to be paid by the end of March.

April came and nothing.

So did May and June and July.

And August.

With us contacting him a few times to ask about the payment.

We ended up getting paid in mid September and even then he tried to pay us less than we invoiced for!!!


As you can imagine, very frustrating.


Stupidly I said ok about doing a bit more work for him, as long as he promised to pay within a week of completing it.


Anyway, I go a call from him today. He seemed angry that the work had not been done yet. Even though we promised to do it by mid-October. He said that he would be in big trouble if this was not done by Friday and got real stroppy with me.


I decided not to mention that he didn't pay us for a job we did in December until 9 months later, only 6 months overdue!


Some people, you've just got to laugh.

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Ah the joys of working for yourself. People can be real assholes anywhere.


When my dad owned his own business people would always lash out on him when he tried to collect payment. My dad is one of the nicest people out there and people still found it necessary to take him to court almost always losing and wasting tons of time. Several times making him miss events in my childhood.


What can you do. For every guy like that there are 5 genuinely nice people who are going to business the proper way. Best of luck.


What is it you do anyway? If it's forging visas for ski bums let me know wink

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Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads
The lesson to be learned from this is to not do any work for this bloke, if you can afford to not take on that work.

Good luck.

We often have to deal with non-payers in our business.
Lots stretch it out as far as they can because money in their bank is accruing interest for them, so why not hold it another month... slap
But we have also supplied some dodgy brothers operations (especially on the restaurants side of things) where they have gone from supplier to supplier not paying any bills at all.

The best option we have found is to put them on C.O.D. only.
If they want the order then they hand us a cheque before the truck is unloaded. Then we chase the back payments on top.

Just reverse the supply and demand in this case. If he wants you to do the work, due to problems with past late payment you will require payment upfront. If he really wants the work done he will pay. If not - you don't have to deal with his SH1T.
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Interesting - the guy has been rather apologetic the last two phone calls. He obviously realises what a dick he was being.


Good to hear. It doesn't make me more inclined to do work for him in the future but...

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