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The FOOTBALL Thread (2010-2011)

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Originally Posted By: thursday
If ManU win this, this season, then it would be the most undeserved win ever. They are sucking eggs.

They aren't playing well, but they have got more points than other teams. The team with the most points at the end of the season wins the league. By gaining the most points, you might say that they deseve to win. Simple really.
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Originally Posted By: grungy-gonads
Tevez just wasn't working out at United though was he.

Dunno, Fergie seemed to want him and the fans sang "sign him up".

Did Babel ever get an extended run in the team?
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Fergie put very little effort into getting him to sign. It was almost as if he really did not want him to sign the way it went down and a relief when it didn't happen.


He was hardly playing for us which in itself if hardly a sign that he was wanted.


It was VERY half-hearted, to say the least. He knew that nothing would come of it.

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Tevez: I think the problem would have been his agent winding up Fergie and them not wanting to back down on it. Tevez also seems a bit nutty though which cant have helped matters (how is he captain?)


Babel: He would be given the odd ten minutes as a sub every 3 or 4 games, often he would light things up in those few minutes he got.


I dont think there was any PR problem with him, all he did was retweet someones else tweet, it is not like he was up all night working on Photoshop.

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Originally Posted By: big-will
Beer. Check.
Snacks. Check.
Good games of footie. Hopefully.

I fell asleep before the end of the Liverpool game....damn you 900ï¿¥ nomihodai place!!! grandpa
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