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The FOOTBALL Thread (2010-2011)

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Very disappointed in all this.


How can Rooney go on about form and ambition when his has been almost comically poor for the past half year...

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Good comment on a United forum


"So Rooney has effectively walked out on the club two months into a season, that's utterly without precedent. Can you think of any other first choice player in world football who, in October, has announced he can never play for his club again? It's beyond disgraceful."


"Rooney's treading new ground here. Loads of examples of players who fancied a move, whether for a better chance of a trophy, or a fatter contract (Torres and Fabregas spring to mind) but this is the first time any footballer has ever tried to bully the club/manager into giving him what he wants with such a public display of dissent. Fergie can't ever pick him again after this. He's been astonishingly disrespectful to his manager and his team-mates. There's no way he can start another game.


I couldn't give a **** about whether there's any truth to his alleged reasons for wanting to leave (and there might well be) but the way he's going about it is setting a new low.


And he's doing all this immediately after spending the summer letting down his country and disgracing his family?


Absolutely despicable human being. Scum of the earth. I hope he's shown the door tomorrow. Don't give a **** whether we get any money for him or not. Not fit to wear the shirt."



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Originally Posted By: ShinyDiscoBall
He released that statement less than 2 hours before the kick off in the United cl game.

He really is a dirty ****. I hope Chelsea don't bid for him.

In fairness, the club have take what were strong rumours and murmuring and gone megapublic. Its just a PR war now.

He left Everton for selfish reasons and now he's going to do the same again. Everton got over it, and ManYoo will just have to do the same.
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Regarding making a statement, what choice did they have, really?


Wasn't he poking it all with that comment about not being injured?


I agree it is not just a PR thing that Wayne is going to lose very badly (hopefully, probably) but still..

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Wayne Rooney and Sir Alex Ferguson have changed their Facebook status from "In a relationship" to "It's complicated".


Odds on Wayne Rooney's next club have been shortened. It's now 8/11 Stringfellows, 3/1 Spearmint Rhino.


After what Rooney's agent has been up to, the Stretford End might have to be renamed soon...


John W Henry has bought Rooney for Liverpool. When he told his manager, "Wayne is on the way", Roy Hodgson immediately put up his umbrella.


Shrek 5 plotline revealed: Lord Farquaad "shocked and disappointed" as Ogre reveals plans to quit Far Far Away.


Ferguson said: "Rooney intimated to me, in his own way, he wanted to leave." Which means he pointed at himself, then the door, then grunted.


The sale of Wayne Rooney couldn't have been better timed, as there's apparently an awful lot of interest in America... going on the debt.


Rooney is planning a move to Real after mishearing that Madrid was "full of lovely Senior Ritas".


"Nice to see your home fans booing you"... You haven't seen anything yet, Wayne.


Rooney was sad to hear of Tom Bosley from Happy Days' death but glad Mrs Cunningham is back on the market.

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sir fergs


"To maintain the success at any football club is not a success-driven certainty, i.e. I always believe a four-year cycle is probably the most you can achieve in terms of success. Very few teams can create more than that four-year cycle. Last season we almost did it, we were one point short of winning the league for a record fourth time.


"We realised that to maintain that high consistency of being there challenging we had to inject youth into the club and we’ve been doing it for the last three or four years. We realised some years ago that Giggs, Scholes and Neville were never going to last forever and our policy is therefore to develop players within the club. We had a player that once said to me Rooney and Ronaldo weren’t good enough. Can you believe that? He actually said they weren’t good enough and he wasn’t prepared to wait until they were. That’s what happens, that’s the problem with potential – people don’t identify potential, they’re very poor at it. I’ve identified it all my life within young people – I know potential, I know how it can be developed and I know how to have faith in it - young people surprise you when you give them an opportunity. And that’s what this club is about. So when you see Manchester United at the moment with all these young players, you can’t see Manchester United three years ahead because you’re not thinking about that.


"We will invest in players when the time is ready. This summer wasn’t the right time as far as I was concerned; there was no value for me. There was one player who we would have liked to have got but he chose another club. I don’t think he ever wanted to come to England anyway. Some players don’t want to leave their country, it’s a fact of life, some players are happy in their own country. Some players are happy to leave and Manchester United is always a big attraction for any player. If they don’t want to leave their country then we forget about it.


"In terms of the future of Manchester United there are a lot of things in my favour – history, the respect we have from people – if I told you how many agents phone my secretary every week about players who would love to play for us - and I don’t just mean run of the mill players, I’m talking about players at almost every club in the world - it would amaze you. It’s because this club still has that fantastic romance and respect from everyone.


"Sometimes you look in a field and you see a cow and you think it’s a better cow than the one you’ve got in your own field. It’s a fact. But it never really works out that way. It’s probably the same cow which is only as good as your own cow. We have to deal with that – some players like to think that it’s a better world somewhere else, it never really works like that.


"As I said, three Premier League titles in a row is fantastic and we were within one point of a record fourth. It didn’t happen for us and we didn’t like that and we want to do something about it. We’ll be okay – I’ve got every confidence in that. We have a structure at the club which is good, we have the right staff, the right manager, the right chief executive, he’s a brilliant man. There’s nothing wrong with Manchester United, not a thing wrong with it. So we’ll carry on."

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