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So, what's your 2010/2011 Japan ski plans then?

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Some snow pic's from Koko would be great.

I enjoyed the pic's of his xrays last time, but having seen enough tib/fib xrays over the last few weeks myself I would rather Koko share snow pic's this time around.

Or booze pics.

Booze pic's would do.


Actually ... Cheeseman might like you to do some Cheese at Resorts pic's Koko...

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Originally Posted By: RobBright
Skymark airlines! Cheapest way to get to Sapporo from Tokyo Haneda.

Narita to Sapporo is possible, but it is a very popular route, and I think only 3 flights a day?

Thanks Rob! So I am looking at about $130. Much better than I had planned for. Looks like about $100 extra allocated to the fun budget...who wants beer?! haha

Jynxx, not totally yet. The visa is pending but should go through no problems. Was a little bit of work on my part to get it all organized though. Really really looking forward to this. Working hard now so I have some travel money after the winter.
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