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Ishiuchi Maruyama is in Minamiuonuma-shi (city) which is just to the north of Yuzawa-machi (town).


The Ishiuchi area used to be part of Shiozawa-machi (town).

But in recent years, Shiozawa-machi (town) has been sucked into Minamiuonuma-shi (city), along with Muikamachi (town).

Way too bit of a sprawled out 'city' with no real centre if you ask me, but that's another matter!

So Ishiuchi Maruyama is actually in Minamiuonuma-shi.


Ishiuchi Maruyama is right next to Yuzawa of course and very close, and the top of the resort is connected to the Gala Yuzawa resort.

I wouldn't be surprised if part of the top of Ishiuchi Maruyama wasn't in Yuzawa, and part of Gala Yuzawa is in Minamiuonuma.

Both are right on the border of both towns.




But officially you win!

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