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Originally Posted By: RobBright
And penthouse at the vale is 95,000,000 yen.

Thursday, your maid would have to lose a months pay cheque.....I'm sure she'll be fine for that.

I would love to do this BTW.

Logistics we need to set up if we are serious....

1. Dates- I guess Feb, but when in Feb and how many days?
2. Resorts we plan to hit
3. Accomodation- do we choose a base area and travel from there or do we do the gypsy thing and travel around?
4. How do we get around?

Airfare's can be sorted out by each individual since we would potentially be coming from all different areas
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Originally Posted By: thursday
To hit central and north of the island, you need to get down and dirty gypsy style.

thieving outta shops....."tarmac-ing" old grannies driveway's and having a rats tail.....
the travelling life for me!!

who's gonna bring the dags? wink
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Holy moly this sounds great. I'll be going on a month long reconnaissance mission starting in mid-December to get the lay of the land. I was actually just talking about this with Mrs. Black Mountain and we decided to drive to Hokkaido next year (not all the way as we'll be taking a ferry). February is tough~ish to get the time off but might be doable. Also, there'll be one more seat in the car for anyone interested in December smile

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Sample itinerary 2 weeks


Saturday meet Chitose get vehicles travel to Niseko

Sunday - Thursday Niseko / Niseko area

Thursday night to Sapporo

Friday Teine

Saturday Break day in Sapporo (leaving or arriving people)

Sunday - Monday Kamui

Tuesday - Wednesday Furano

Thursday - Friday Tamamu

Depart Saturday

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