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Originally Posted By: roscoe
I noticed the same thing at the bus stops at Shiga kogen and it was not the overseas snow lovers littering. Sad to see. Ive always see japan as the cleanest country I have visited.Found NZ pretty good to seem to have good pride in their country. grandpa

If it is not the overseas visitors !! Who !! The Japanese.I doubt it
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Originally Posted By: Weegeoff
Originally Posted By: Korbzy
yea i loved hakuba, went to happo 6 days straight and did a night ski at 47, it was amazing, im planning a 1 month trip there with a mate, should be good biggrin

too bad its warming up now :( thought the season would last alot longer but the warm temp isnt very pleasant.

hakuba is amazing, the small town and the friendliest people i've ever met, i fell in love with the people, so welcoming and always helping others out. I wish aussies would learn off them >.<

when I went to the park they had speed restrictions in place o.O they wouldnt let you pick up enough speed to get air or you had your pass removed :(

Yes Hakuba is an amazing place and the people are very friendly.But for how long.There are slobs throwing fag ends every were in the streets under lifts also cans and bottles by the road side. That never used to be. If anyone sees someone doing this tell then to pick it up. Because we will all be tarred with the same brush.It is unfare that a small minority should spoil it for the rest of us. veryangry

I think you will find 'the people' to be ace in many inaka places you go to, not just Hakuba.

Sad to hear about rubbish everywhere. Can't say I have ever noticed any in this area.
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