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Japanese ski resorts you haven't been to yet but want to try out

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Originally Posted By: RobBright
How about we start a SJ tour club?

That is a great idea!

Most of the majors you can get to easily, it is the smaller resorts that are harder to get to, you need transportation, etc.

There used to be that snow buddy finder...maybe a revival is in order?
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Somewhere inland in Hokkaido. Steep would be nice.

Shirakawa-go when lit up

Somewhere with snow monsters (probably Zao I suppose)

Yokoteyama (have to learn to ski good because no boarding)

Somewhere with cool locals (e.g., Hachimantai if it reopens)

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Originally Posted By: Black Mountain

Mt. Fuji (I know it's not a resort but I look at it everyday all through the winter and dream about doing it. The only thing holding me back is finding a partner who is up to the challenge. Any takers?)

The conditions will be terrible, and inclement weather will probably kills us, but I might like to check it out sometime.

BTW Kamui is one of my favorite resorts in Japan. The liberal riding policy is beyond awesome.

My own list:

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It's not a ski resort but I tell you what I really want to go see is the pack ice up in the Sea of Okhotsk from Abashiri or around near Shiritoko. I've never seen the ocean covered in ice and would really like to. Think I might have to take a couple of days off next week and head up...

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Originally Posted By: Gnu B-pro
Wanna go to Hakuba, but not sure that riding in March there is comfortable. Can anyone advise me about conditions in March?

We had a fat dump late March last season but chances are it won't be "comfortable".
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