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Last summer there were rumours about Kandatsu and the chances of it opening this season seemed slim for a while.


Just before the season started though news came through that someone had taken it over and it would go back to it's original name of Kandatsu Kogen. That's what it was called before it was Pine Ridge Resorts you see.


So today I decided to check it out.


I wish I hadn't.


I really do not like saying bad things about a place, but there's no choice here. It was only half open!


The last few years the far left quad lift that runs by the side of the Milky Way course has been closed but you could still access the very-fun Milky Way course via the 2nd quad lift. Not now. Not on every day of the week except Saturday anyway. Yes, they have closed up that lift as well and basically the only lifts moving mid-week are the main (useless) quad, one other quad and the pair lift going to the top point. All, it seems, at slow speed. So the entire left hand side of the resort is not accessible. That happened to be my favourite part as well.


Restaurants on the hill were closed and boarded up. One seems to have a part open as a Smoking Room. But the toilets were closed!


So really there is not much fun left. The snow was good but it would have been good anywhere today after the snow over the weekend.


It might be better on a Saturday - when it is actually open proper - but I would recommend people choose another mid-week Yuzawa resort.


It might not be dead, but it's hardly going to become a success like it used to be on this form.




I took some photos and will try to get some up later.

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Actually I was quite surprised. It wasn't busy but there were more people there than I expected. More than I think they deserved!


Here's some photos, I wasn't really in the mood as I was busy being angry at the resort. lol


That's Iwappara in the centre of the photo






Yuzawa town in the foreground, Minamiuonuma curving to the right in the background




Iwappara in the background






Sorry. Both lifts closed.




Nice powder unridden - at time of taking the photo wink








Sorry. Closed.




Sorry. Closed.




Sorry. Closed.







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I think Kandatsu is really struggling. They had grand plans when Pine Ridge took over but that seemed to crash along with the numbers of people checking the place out.


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Not exciting but just so people can see the place.

The 2 quads that are closed are the ones you can see in the first part.

I still can't work out why they don't just run the 2nd quad - that way people can still access Milky Way. I suppose they don't want to maintain that course.


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