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Originally Posted By: Mamabear
Flow (used by a few of my friends)
K2 Cinch (which I wanted, got for a friend and Papa now wants)
SP Fastec (which I use)

It has revolutionized the sitting on the butt thing for me.

Are these the click-in board bindings? I saw Kissmark ones in Sports Depo. Are there any drawbacks? I heard of click-ins before but it sounded like the mechanism was part of the board (I may have misunderstood...) and everyone said they didn't feel good.

As someone else said, learning to do up regular bindings standing up saves time and energy and isn't difficult.
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Flow Bindings: Typically have the 'sleeve' of which Tubby speaks. I found the drawback of these 2 yrs ago when 3rd BearCub used them was a build up of snow making getting his foot IN difficult. He also had issues with the latch freezing up and not being able to undo the high back. None of the 4 people using them in our group had those problems this season.



This is a K2 Cinch.

The biggest differences from the Flow are the handy strap on the clip at the back of the highback (I want me one of them!), the hinge and lift action that creates more space to get your foot in and out, as well as the traditional two strap ratchet system.



This is an SP Fastec Binding:

No ratchets, but easy to adjust on the hill clamp down clips.

Two straps rather than a sleeve.

When the highback is put down the top strap has an auto release feature giving heaps of room to get in and out easily. The release clip on the top strap can also be used for comfort on the lift according to the manufacturer - but I wasn't inclined to use it.



I think you are referring to a step-in binding...


..something like this. I don't know much about these at all except that I have been told there are sometimes issues with snow build up on the base of boots and getting them to 'click in' properly, and someone also said you need stiffer boots because they don't have a highback (but the ones in the pic do...so wakaranai)


Hope that helps.

Sorry for the hijack

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If I'm alone I pretty much try to be first on, last off with a wee break or two in between. Last week I went 8 to 4 and then a nighter....my legs were so fried. I'm not doing that again.


If with the wife and kid...a little more relaxed but my wife gives me grief if I'm not milking out that last run of the day....so ya, 8 to 4.

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Usually about 6hrs. Since switching to teles my quads are burning by that point. omg


Well then again maybe it's because I'm getting grandpa



It's still fun to get out and torture the kids. Or is it the other way around.

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Originally Posted By: Jynxx
Your wife is hardcore ! lol

Yep, if I'm back at the Pension even a half hour early she's beatin me with my carbon fiber poles....gotta be squeezing every last drop out of that 4200 yen lift ticket ya know.
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Typically 4-6 hours in a day trip. Would stay longer if I could.


Bigger issue is the efficiency loss due to having to constantly adjust how many layers the kid is wearing, plus frequent warm-up breaks for the kid on colder days. But it is worth it.

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Living & working in the heat of outback Australia, I'm fairly frothing by the time I finally get my person anywhere near snow.


Obviously depends on the hours of lift operation (assuming we are talking 'resort' areas, but I'll generally try to be first on lifts (sometimes sneak up with patrol) & last off mountain in the afternoon / night, if I can avoid patrol sweep, I'll cruise down after them.


First visit to Niseko was the bomb, riding 13hrs a day, generally even once nighta finishes, I'm not ready to come down, usually can't sleep either for excitment so the next morning can't come quick enough.... to excited to eat breakfast properly but will usually gulp down as much as possible, lunch is an inconvenience & will just fill long range tanks with an evening meal or two... often will ride with several different partners during a 'day' swapping them out as they wear after a non-stop few hours....


Train hard for endurance before snow trips, kms of heavy beach sand work, sprints, lunges & leg weights all helps to hit ground ready to ride. Had a great few kms of nightime sprint just before... wearing snowboarding boots now to wear in the in the long days of riding just ahead.... about 48hrs out from a 46 day northern Japan trip...aim to ride every day... reckon I'll be getting dressed on the train / buses from Nagano so I can burst out the door & go....

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How long each day - out at first lifts and ride the last rides to highest point at end of day - Must say the one really really good thing about Niseko is that night ski-ing is ski-ing with most of Grand H lit up which is not what one usually finds in most places.


Flow style bindings - Just gotta love them although lots of resistance amongst the cool set who seem to be running some sort of extended trial on how waterproof the backsides of their pants are.


I get into trouble all the time for strapping up prior to getting off lifts which is the best way around the delay at the top.(if the unload has enough grade to get you out ) Most lifties either don't really notice or don't care that much.


Must say when ski-ing in Aus I have really seriously considered xc to make the most of the 2-3 hours of light before first lifts in the morning. It is surprising just how many seem to go up and down Kosciusko Rd between Perisher and Charlottes doing just that.

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Jeez, that's amusing. Strapping up on a lift. Don't people complain about you wiggling ?

I don't know why people can't board with only one leg strapped in. I've never encountered crowding by boarders in europe, you just ride with your front leg, skate off ... admittedly, with my duck stance it's a bit of getting used to skating.

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