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Just realized I had these pictures of Rusutsu still on my camera's memory card! Whoops!!


On our annual trip to Niseko we always like to take a day (or two) out and search around at Rusutsu. With the lifts in Niseko on wind hold we made our way there on the morning bus (this was a first as we usually use a rental car). It was pretty convenient and we arrive just after 9:30 (I believe)


Sign at the top of the hill



From the top lift looking down the back side of the mountain



The ocean



Once again



On the far right you can see West Mountain where the hotels and amusement park are. Niseko is shrouded in cloud.



Very tempted to have a go at it!



This little Risu was the star of the chair lift. Very cute little rodent!



Very tempting indeed!



View from one of the runs.



West Mountain and the hotel



Hope you enjoyed viewing these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them! All in all it was a successful day trip. I've definitely been there under better conditions as the snow was quite wind packed on the runs. Luckily it was pretty soft and fluffy in the trees (where I spend all of my time anyway!) Had we stayed in Niseko we would have been hanging around the apartment all day because almost all of the lifts were closed all day (something that seems to happen very frequently in Niseko!). I'd go back in a second wink

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It's a great mountain.


This photo is of Lake Toya in the middle ground and the the Pacific coast in the background. Lake Toya is only like 40m above sea level or something like that.



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Originally Posted By: MikePow
Lovely. Great memories. Thanks.

Oh and the lines you wanted to do, they're great wink

+1. Superb through there. Need to be wary at the start after strong winds. I stumbled upon some insane drifts. After that it's pure gold.
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