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Over 100 whales dead in NZ mass strandings

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Over 100 whales dead in NZ mass strandings


More than 120 whales have died over 48 hours in two separate beachings in New Zealand.


Over 100 long finned pilot whales died after becoming stranded on a remote beach in the north of NZ's South Island on Saturday, while another 20 will be buried by a local Maori tribe after they beached themselves on the North Island's east coast.


While strandings are common in New Zealand - there are up to six mass strandings a year - it is rare for two to happen so close together.


The South Island stranding occurred just south of the town of Nelson at Farewell Spit, close to the whales' migration routes and known as one of the world's great whale traps due to its shallow sloping beach, where the tide recedes by as much as 4 and a half miles


Always distressing to read this kind of thing and see the pictures.



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