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Another beautiful blue sky day and so I thought I would hit a local resort... I decided to have a very gala morning at Gala Yuzawa. And gala it was too. Not busy at all, decent snow. Nice.


Merry Christmas! I'm off to drink some wine. cheers



















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It isn't that steep but you can certainly get some good speed up on that run.


Gala is a funny place. Like today with hardly anyone around, I really like it. The snow is good and there are some good courses that suit me good.

But on a holiday when there's lots of people, it's really awful because of those fairly narrow slopes. Not recommended at all.


I can't think of another resort that goes from being so much fun to being so annoying as pronounced as does Gala.


On days like today though, I really like it. And some fine views as well as can be seen.

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  • SnowJapan Admin

Hi muikabochi, excellent photos again. thumbsup


I believe they test the ropeway fairly often to keep it going. If all goes to plan, it will be operating as it should be next season when that south area opens up again. That will be big news for Gala, that south area was a lot of fun.

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Originally Posted By: Hotaka Scott
good way to spend Christmas! thanks for sharing. Also wondering what the mts were in the 7th picture?

Scott, Background (which is the one you are most likely interested in I suppose) is Makihatayama.
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