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be trained better by the company.

Understand and train all types of rescues

whether they are on your tearrain calls for it or not.

have people trained in avie awarness at least 1 level 2 on your patrol.


That said I think for the most part patrol is doing a jop. if the company says do this you do it. So I gotta figure for the most patrollers are like everyone else and doing a job. patrol is an easy target but its the resorts choice in the end.


Just ask cortina

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If you are indeed a patroler then I am happy that you are looking to establish a dialogue and obtain ideas and feedback.


Well a few ideas I would have (some of them apply more to resort management, but anyway):


* Open-up terrain and control it in a professional manner (about every other country does it in its own specific way, why is japan 10 years behind) instead of closing your eyes pretending it does not happen and just threaten people blindly.


* Study how other resorts in the world manage their terrain. As an example, why don't you take a look at how Delirium Dive is managed at Sunshine Village (Alberta Canada). This approach forces people to be responsible and in this way not anybody can just go there.


* How about studying the european "ski off-piste at your own risks" approach. Even if you disagree with it, look at its pros and cons including the number of fatalities per year both in terms of the absolute number of people as well as the percentages.


* Be trained to handle situations in which a person injures another (very frequent in Japan). Both from a first aid point of view as well as from a responsibility/liability point of view.


* Set clear rules in terms of right of ways and the likes as is done nowadays in many resorts in europe and north america


* Educate us as to why japanese resorts cannot or do not want to do any of the above as of today


* Get your resort management to open a thread on snow Japan and explain their approach and limitations (be they legal or other)


* Be able to discriminate: Should you really go after a trained party of people with the right gear going off-piste, or after the maniac on the groomed slopes skiing/boarding out of control, or after a guy skiing at high speed while carrying a baby in his arms (seems to be the latest fashion and it should be BANNED !!!)?


To me it is frustrating to see Japan with some of the best snow conditions in the world be so restrictive and wasting it all. With the right attitude Japan could really become the mecca for powder hunters.


Oh and yes, I would also like to know whether you have some leeway in your daily tasks or you just follow blindly the resort management guidelines.


My 2 cents.


Arigato godzaimasu

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Go the sauce army lol.gif . So what's your response there I-Am-Patrol ? Some good direct criticisim has been dished out. To be fair I think patrol at certain resorts do a good job in many ways, some better than others obviously. I don't have a problem with you guys personally, but I think all the cops and robbers stuff is a bit childish at times.


Isn't it ironic that at 47, for example, I can hike out of the resort into what is definately far higher risk avalanche terrain, with no problem. I've even done it once with a friend who talked with a patrol guy before we set out, about the safety situation concerning the Happo South faces. He was totally cool, and just warned us to be cautious with our trip out under exposed areas. Yet, the same guy has to ditch such a professional approach and act like a kiddy cop within the resort itself. I think that patrol have there hands tied in many ways. They don't necessarilly make the rules do they.

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Well I guess he I A P must be busy during the day if indeed he really is patrol. I really hope he replies as I would like to understand his / his resort's perspective on some of the points brought forward.


On the other hand, sorry FT but did not understand a single word of what you typed. lol.gif


True, Europe and Japan have their own idiosyncraties but I think they should be compared in order for some issues to move forward.

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Originally posted by Toque:
I am impatient

Having just spent the day watching my high school girls dancing I'm all wound up and ready to burst.
Ohhh you POOR boy. Please send me video!!
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Maybe he is actually a she at 47?


I got caught by patrol at Cortina on Friday - gawd it was epic there that day, so deep and so steep. Got caught in the trees and had to go have a chat with like 5 patrollers for bout 20 mins.


I spoke in polite Japanese so as to not loose my pass and it worked. Said I wouldnt go in the trees again. We had lunch and then go out again. First run, hit a nice gully and then our entire group gets caught except for me and Toque coming down onto the cat track. Really funny it was cuz the patrol who busted me didnt see me come onto the cattrack but saw me ski by and stared me down lol.gif clap.gif


Fattwins, Phat luv, and the rest told him whats up and they were let go too. They really should open the trees back up :rolleyes:

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At my school there are about 600 high school girls \:D and 100 boys. You would say lucky boys but the girls all know they are dorks going to a mostly girls school. Good eye candy for them though.


Cortina was amazing. Deep dry powder. And out of 6 people I was the only person not to get snatched. But the patrol seemed to be slightly cool only giving away warnings.

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