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With the reports coming from Japan of resorts closing and poor snow record of the past two years being placed in most media outlets in Europe, l fear for the Japanese Alpine Sport Industry.

Europe has had a bumper start to the season this year. With heavy dumps at many resorts and bookings at a high despite the weak £/$ against the Euro.

With the weak £GBP, $US and Euro against the Yen. It has dropped 10 Yen this week alone. From a high of Y223=£1 in Jan 08 to Y117 in Jan 09. It now stands at Y135 and falling fast.

Europe/America is looking the safe snow bet against Japan for Europeans and Aussies/NZ's.

Only Three years ago, Japan was in all the Snow magazines over it's great snow record and pushing to be a top destination in the Alpine world. Now the warning signs are out in the publications.

I hope the snow falls for all in the Japanese resorts, as people will vote with their feet. It is not about culture/new adventure, it is about the snow only.

There is no apres Ski in Japan, so you must rely on the snow. If you are not getting snow and apres ski, which Europe is famous for ,then I see big problems for the Japanese market.

I hope not, but things do not look good.

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And let's be honest - how much does the Japanese ski industry rely on the international market?


For Australia and NZ, the closest they have is Japan, so don't see it going down the toilet just yet.

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