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Snow to village (Niseko) - in absentia 09/10

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Some nice shots of Torstein and Paul there Jishipi. It really has been great the last few days.


I have just tried to post a picture, but it doesn't seem to work. I copied the image location into the image box, but then when I preview it doesn't come up. Any tips?

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  • SnowJapan Admin

It's ok, glad to help. Thanks for posting.


Actually no you won't be able to edit my post doh


The URL of your photo is:








after it, and the photo will appear.


More here:




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Originally Posted By: muikabochi
I don't know what they do at Kagura but it surely doesn't add up.
100cm can fall over a period of a few days and they don't change it.

Good example.
Last 2 days, Kagura over the last 2 days:

40-50cm (yesterday)
50-70cm (this morning)

That's 90-120cm in my reckoning...... but no change in the official snow depth! veryshocked
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The last few days here in Niseko have been truly amazing!

3 days ago i thought well - this is as good as it gets and then the next 2 days have pretty much been exactly the same - overcast with heaps of snow. No idea exactly how much but i found a few spots yesterday where it was over head for me and i am a snowboarder !

This morning i booted straight over to Hanazono with Tom and we had ourselves a classic mushroom feast.



In my opinion the only element missing was some sunshine...but when the pow is this good who cares. POW !!!


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Thanks very much Muikabochi

I used to wait for blue birds to shoot but now i just go for it when i can. It was snowing non stop this morning and had a few focus issues.

Tom was is great form which helps ! Really looking forward to checking out the Japan Alps next month - epic big mountain visas....til then will just have to make do with bottomless powder here in Niseko...powder willing.

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It sure was snowing heavily when we left yesterday - took some pic's of the family in the Welcome Center with bags all getting covered in snow...will get them up later today. Just the way - ya leave wanting more.


Niseko sure turns it on thumbsup



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after a well earned but albeit silly move to take the day off riding yesterday (i heard some epic lines were had all over) we decided to do a bit of peak hiking today. once in the morning dropping from mt annupurri peak down fujiwara no sawa to hanazono 308 for a quick break...then traverse to annupuri side to meet the crew for lunch. then at 225 we headed out gate 2 up the south peak, down to mt annupurri and dropped into kozan no sawa.... the weather lifted, blue sky and golden snow as the sun was dropping made for a great run down and high fives all round at the bottom enjoy some of the pics...vid up soon. ( if i can stop riding long enough to edit something)


banjobiwan_7.JPG Timo Koskinen


banjobiwan_8.JPG Timo Koskinen


banjobiwan_9.JPG Marika Ranta




banjobiwan_11.JPG Marika Ranta


banjobiwan_13.jpg Yours truly


banjobiwan_14.jpg Timo Koskinen


Thanks to marika for this shot...i got out from behind the lens finally! banjobiwan_15.jpg


banjobiwan_16.jpg this guy was prepped for the BC


ps sorry SJer's this is only a sample of over 500 or so shots from today... its all about FPS.


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