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Snow to village (Niseko) - in absentia 09/10

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I knew this was going to be a fantastic vacation when we flew into Sapporo to witness this gorgeous while panorama from the plane!



Bear Cubs ready to take their new gear for a spin in the daylight 27/12/09



Yotei-san with a cover of cloud. Overlooking the Gondola. 27/12/09



Different view of Yotei about an hour later from Hanazono.



Pretty Icicle Tree's! Coming back from Hanazono just before they shut the top lift off the tree's grabbed my attention - pretty!!! Stopped to take photo's...of course!


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Was reasonably busy out on the slopes - not that the photo's show it.


Hanazono was quiet on piste, bustling but not overcrowded in the restaurant. Bars have been fairly quiet surprisingly!


I will try and take a few 'crowd' shots for you Muika, rather than scenery shots where I wait until there is a lull wink

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How can you not?!


(although #1 son and I were suffering the new gear miseries today - pushed through it - but his boots hurt, and I had to adjust my stance tonight ..haven't had burn as bad in my quads and hamstrings since I first started riding!)

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Originally Posted By: snowhuntress
Have you ventured into Mizuno No Sawa Yet??

Havent even tackled Miharashi yet - give me a chance! We are here for 3 weeks and need to break in the new gear. Snowing this morning - so a nice fresh cover will be laid down for us to play in.
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Plenty of snow in Niseko today!!

First tracks - couldn't see our boards at all. Papa was really excited by the face shots! (He was unable to ride due to injury 2 yrs ago when we were here, so it was a huge novelty for him...mind you I really enjoyed it too!!)


Snowed consistently all day.

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Originally Posted By: muikabochi
Nice Mamabear, keep them coming. clap
Talking of not busy resorts (see @tokyo's thread), those pics aren't showing a crowded Niseko.... so?

As promised Muika - some 'crowd' shots.

From the Ace Quad at about 4.30 this afternoon.

Same spot, looking UP the mountain. Pic doesnt really do the number justice at this time of day. I reckon lots of people were winding the day up. It was quite like peak hour actually coming down the hill.

This guy caught my eye while I was snapping these photo's - he had a baby strapped to his back! Scary stuff. Our kids were really worried that the little baby was getting cold. I was more worried about what would happen to it if someone took him out and he fell on it.

Was an awesome day in Niseko today.
We started the day with First Tracks at the Gondola, headed over to Hanazono (YES! I finally did Strawberries), lunch at Hana, and back over finishing the day at the Ace.
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Originally Posted By: Jishipi
Snow to village (Niseko) - in absentia 09/10 is taking a life of it's own ! Thanks for adding pics everyone !

No excuse for you though Jishipi - post as many as you can of your great pics.


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Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver
you been out on snowdon again Mike? The UK has been getting hit with big (well big for the UK razz ) snowfalls eh?


Snowdon's too rocky.

Had my second day skiing the Brecon Beacons National Park on Christmas Eve. Superb.

60+ cm of snow forecast between this morning and Thursday morning, so New Years Eve turns are on the cards.
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