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Snow Talk? Bear with me!


What is it about skiing and toffee vodka?



From Rond Point in Meribel to The Underground in Tignes Les Brevieres, skiers have been rounding off a day on the slopes with a shot of the sweet stuff for decades.


Apres ski bars across European resorts have been brewing their own vodka concoctions for years, and ski connoissuers will no doubt have their favourites (mine is the Death Marmot flavour at The Underground, more a caramel-ish taste than furry mammal).



But bars serving homemade toffee vodka are on a slippery slope.



The French Customs, or douane, is cracking down on potent homebrews because of concerns that they could breach health and safety regulations and aren't properly labelled.


While many ski bars have slipped under the net of the still loosely enforced initiative by the douane, others have come a cropper. Tignes' Scotty's Bar was reportedly closed down last season for a couple of weeks over its homebrewed spirits.



All is not lost. Saving toffee vodka-fuelled nights from oblivion are a number of legal bottled brands that are increasingly being stocked by bar owners anxious to stay on the right side of the douane.



One of the best is Thunder Vodka - it's made from all natural ingredients but isn't wholly angelic - at 29.9% proof, it beats a lot of the homebrews on alcohol content, and what's more, it's bottled in London. You can even pick up a bottle in some Thresher off licences if you want to get acclimatised before heading to the alps.



The makers of Thunder Vodka suggest it is drunk straight from the freezer, and even suggest mixing it with ginger beer and fresh lime for a cocktail or topping ice cream with a slug of it for a cheeky dessert.



It may be a far cry from taking a pot shot with a homebrew in Tignes, or dancing on a sticky table top at Rond Point after one too many, but at least its secured the future of this ancient alpine tipple.



Cheers to that.


Can't say I've heard of it myself. Sounds interesting though. Toffee vodka popular in the Nisekos, Hakubas, Nozawas and Yuzawas?



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Vodka used to be my get-drunk-easy-quick drink. Orange in it and it doesn't taste like much other than orange. I can imagine this being nice and tasting very toffee-ee.

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