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Number of days on the snow this coming season ^ predictions

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Originally Posted By: SKI
Isn't that the time you always come Weegeoff?
Must like that spring skiing!

Sorry I ment the end of January all of Feb.A change of work pattern which now allows me to come and get some decent snow
I usualy come late March early april
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so far 4 days, next week 5 days in Tirol and more later

want to spend 2 weeks checking out a few resorts in Swiss later,

2 weeks in Italy more of the Dolomites, and local day trips

prolly 40 if I don't break anything this year, touch wood.

I'm timid this year I found out.

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WOW Jynxx you are getting OUT there!


I wouldn't mind checking out a few more Italian resorts - I only did Cervinia because it was linked to Zermatt ... but the atmosphere was lovely - I like Italians. Maybe some pic's and TRs 'specially for me from Italy? Pretty please?

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