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Okay if we compare this to the Equine Influenza that the Australian quarantined managed to let out 2 years ago things don't look good!


I saw it first hand and believe me it did not get weaker as it spread. Some horses showed very little symptoms while others died. All 5 of my horses got it and I fought for 3 weeks to keep them alive, losing one. We were told that it was transmitted through poor bio security. CRAP it was out of control and they were having HUGE problems containing it. All horse events were stopped and movement of horses was completely illegal yet horses were still getting it.


Maybe they have learnt from their mistakes.

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True, snowhuntress....

If thing mutate, the natural law to selection is survival..

The weaker the infected is will cop it harder, the virus will get hardier, but the toxicity (how lethal it is) is a different matter. It might mutate to be quite harmless or lethal. In the end it is not for the virus's interest to kill all the hosts. So it's up to selection.

Sorry to hear you lost one of your horses. That's horrible.. I lost a horse when I was in high school. It was our school horse, but it hit me hard enough to stop riding.

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So far it seems that the deaths that have been attributed to this flu are not direct - in other words, you don't catch the flu and die. Most of the deaths in Mexico at least have been from pneumonia, which would make it a secondary complication. I think less than a dozen deaths have been positively linked to the flu, and the significant remainder are just "suspected" cases.

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"I can tell you that you'll know if you have it. It's complete agony."


One Kiwi guy living in Mexico who got it - his account.

sounds hardcore, no wonder it's knocking over people.

I haven't had the flu since 1994...(touch wood) I have no desire to break the streak with this H1N1 Mexican flu.





"It just felt like I was on fire," he said. "It was incredible - I couldn't even see because of the heat. I was in complete agony."


"I started to feel a little bit crook - I was just so tired. That was in the afternoon. By nine o'clock I had a temperature of 38 degrees and a terrible headache. The next morning I found it really hard to breathe - there was just so much phlegm, it was really hard to cough it up. I called the doctor and he had to come to my house - I couldn't get up."

"my GF was basically running from me to the freezer, swapping the flannels. She would take the flannel from the freezer and put it on my face and in a matter of seconds it was hot," he said.

"I was so thirsty - I'd drink five glasses of water in a row and I would still be thirsty. The heat - it's just incredible."


After painkillers failed to relieve Mr von Sturmer's headache and with his temperature now at 40C on Saturday Ms Rojas rushed him to hospital where on arrival he immediately passed out because of the pain.


He was then given two injections - one for the pain and the other for the flu - and was put on oxygen.

Mr von Sturmer said it was not until this week - when he watched the news and saw the number people who had died from the flu - that he realised how close to death he had come.


"I was thinking: F***, what if I hadn't gone to the hospital?


"I'm pretty fit and healthy. I'm always at the gym and I play rugby. It took me this week to get rid of it but I'm still feeling a bit tired."

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Few reasons why he could have died but didnt there.


a) girlfriend diligently looking after him - big bonus!

B) cool towels keeping his temp from cooking his brain

c) he drank masses of water - dehydration is a big killer in this case

d) he got pain injection and what else? something for the flu - hmmm perhaps an antiviral drug like tamiflu? Well that would have had a big impact on reducing severity and duration, thereby perhaps saving his life.

e) being put on oxygen.


Lucky guy.


I certainly dont want it around here.

I have a severely asthmatic child that ends up in hospital on oxygen with a cold, let alone a flu.

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Officials in Mexico ordered bars, cafes, gyms, cinemas, Aztec ruins and football games closed to the public as the probable death toll from swine flu in Mexico rose from 152 to 159.

The measures, concentrated in Mexico City but also felt in many venues across the country where people might gather, came as tourist numbers plunged.

Nearly empty planes flew into the capital, which itself was unnervingly quiet, with most shops shuttered.

Traffic – usually a nightmare in this city of 20 million inhabitants – was unusually fluid. Schools are closed until May 6 at least.

Mexico City authorities said all food, party, cultural and sports establishments had to close under threat of fines and being shuttered. Eateries would only be permitted to serve takeaway meals.

''We're in the critical moment, in that we have to manage as a city so it does not become an exponential infection,'' mayor Marcelo Ebrard said.

Restaurant owners complained the measure would affect 45,000 workers and take a chunk out of an already fragile economy.

''It's easy to tell us to close, but how are we going to live? They say it's for my health but either I'll die from the disease or I'll die from hunger,'' a cafe owner in the capital, Rene Perez Lozano, said.

All archeological sites in the country, including Mexico's world-famous Aztec and Mayan pyramids, were also closed ''until further notice,'' the National Institute of Anthropology and History said.


Right, stay away from those Aztec ruins.
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Originally Posted By: BagOfCrisps

The complexity of the issue does not stop there. Although the virus is likely to lose potency as it spreads, it will reach more people, so the odds of further fatalities could still rise.

On the BBC radio this morning someone was saying that the 1918 spanish flu, which killed 10s of millions initially appeared in low potency form but then came back the following winter in a monster form and killed more people than died in WW1. The point being that some reckon there is still scope for this to go nuclear even if it settles down this time round.
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well, we're bracing ourselves anyway. Face masks all sold out again doh reminds me of 2003.


Don't want to go back to those bad old days of treating everyone like a leppar and being treated likewise.

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More stories coming out. I wonder how things will look in 1 weeks time.




Residents of a ramshackle Mexican hill village that could be ground zero in the global swine flu outbreak say they have been complaining for years about pollution from an industrial pig farm.


The sweltering and dusty community of La Gloria near the Gulf of Mexico was identified as the possible source of the outbreak when Mexican officials announced the earliest identified victim of the H1N1 was a four-year-old boy, Edgar Hernandez.


However, other residents now claim they suffered from a similar flu as early as December and blame it on pollution from the thousands of swines nearby.


"We have been fighting this disease for months now and complaining about the pig waste for years," said La Gloria resident Erasto Bautista, 45, talking by telephone from the state capital Veracruz. "We are glad to see that the world is finally listening to us." Like many other residents, Mr Bautista often works on building sites in Mexico City, explaining how the flu could have quickly spread here and make it the world epicenter in the virus.


Mr Bautista said he himself fell sick from the flu in January, keeping him bed ridden for a week.


"My head was so painful it almost exploded. The body aches were so strong that I couldn't move," he said, describing symptoms strikingly similar to those plaguing swine flu sufferers in Mexico City hospital beds.


The flu epidemic affected a total of 1,200 people in La Gloria and nearby communities and killed two small babies. Bautista claimed several residents are still sick.


Mexican officials have confirmed that La Gloria had the earliest H1N1 case identified in Mexico but have denied that it spread from the local pig farm, Granjas Carroll de Mexico, which is 50 percent owned by Virginia-based Smithfield Foods, Inc. Government agricultural experts joined the company in saying they have found no traces of swine flu in its 907 workers, 60,000 grown hogs or 500,000 piglets in the area.

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OH that is awful! :(


I have a veery good friend in Texas who is desperate for a child but after having survived cancer treatment is not having too much luck with her fertility. I can not imagine the pain of parents who have an adorable child for almost 2 years - to lose them so suddenly to an illness like this. Tear your heart out stuff.



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Originally Posted By: big-will
What are they then thursday?

these for starters

I suppose general hygiene should apply, and more often.

Wash your hands if you've just come home off of public transport.

Wear a mask if you need to take public transport. During SARs the ones without a mask were treated like they were the ones passing the disease on.

If you get a fever, see a doc quick and stay away from school, work.

And to avoid crowded places. I'd wear a mask even for rideing a lift.
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I have been reading a few news sites and related forums and it is interesting how much scepticism there is out there re: this flu. Lots of people seem to be dismissing it as media hype.

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I'm not worried about it...was here when SARS hit Asia, other than that one guy in Kyoto, didn't have any probs....reckon media has blown it up a bit. Sure its a problem but its not as if its killing off thousands or millions....its a nasty flu. Its been around since the 1930's.


I just think its amazing how its spread to most corners of the globe so quickly. Viruses are amazing little organisms

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