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  • 4 weeks later...

Ok....I am officially a GEEK!


It was my 40th birthday yesterday and I was showered with delightful gifts by my lovely family.


Fabulous bottle of Issey Miyake parfum - really fresh and light fragrance. Some lovely yellow and white gold ear rings to wear with my Pandora necklace that mixes gold and silver on one chain. But that is where the girly gifts come to an end.


I was most excited by the Asus Eee PC 900A netbook. Mine is a nice girly white....



...the accompanying compact external hard drive to make it much more useful on holidays or when working on something that needs saving and working on at home as well (just save to the external HDD and then plug that in to the big lappy at home).


....and the power converter. OMG how excited was I by this! It looks like one of those travel mugs that you stick a cord into the ciggie lighter to keep your coffee warm. But it is not. It converts the ciggie lighter power into an Aussie power point - right there in the car! I can charge my Asus Eee PC on the go, and anything else I want to charge...or use... Hmmm wonder if it is legal to blowdry your hair in the car on the way to work?





There were a few other little techie gadgets as well - wireless thingies blah blah.


Now - I have given it ONE decent test drive and while I will invest in a mini mouse, and upgrade my ancient USB wireless (it is HUGE) to a smaller version - as far as I can see it is very very user friendly. I have carried it around all day in my hand bag - and the weight of it was no more than a purse full of change.


Two thumbs up from me!

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Thats for BLOKES!


You know...the whole I am getting older and need to reassure myself that my virility is still there...


For women - a bit of hair dye, a bit of botox and your set. (never done the botox thing myself - but the hair got a couple of different colors through it today...)

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Mama!!! Wash out yer mouth woman!


That's a stereotype if ever I saw one.


I think it is far easier to just grow old (dis)gracefully, put up with the wierd things (like deafness and prostate) and learn to love the life you have.


Botox, hair dye etc are just a way of sayng that you are insecure with who you are.

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For the blokes - yep - it was absolutely a stereotype (but started by Thursday....if you please....)


LOL...the botox I will agree with you on JA, but the hair dye for a woman is more like a bloke picking out a new tie for the season.


I am actually naturally blonde, so even though I am sure some greys are sneaking in there they are hard to find - I am just going through a phase of enjoying being a brunette. For some reason people are less visibly surprised that I have a brain when I am not so blonde!


PLUS the head massage they give you when they are washing the colorant out and applying a treatment means I would dye my hair just for the hell of it! It is heaven!

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carrying an external drive plus power converters makes it not so transportable. Battery life is still short on any portables... I'm going to wait for another couple of years and stick with my Macbook. Other than vid cameras, I am not a huge fan of sony. actually sony sucks!

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I can apparently get 5 hours out of this thing...(yes using it now)...but the longest I have gone is 3 hours at the hairdresser, on full brightness, with apparently 45 minutes remaining according to the little battery icon in the corner.


I have dulled the brightness a tad - it was a touch TOO bright for me anyway - and that might extend it a bit as well. It is really light for something with 5 hours battery life.


However I plan on using the netbook for portable use and my main laptop for work applications on a general basis - the main one is being repaired at the moment and the older one I have been using comes in a poor second to this litttle netbook for ease of use and comfort right now.


As for using the extra USB HDD with it making it not so portable - NO WAY. The 250G HDD is about the size of 2 packs of cigarettes and about as heavy - I would not use it for the most part - just plug it in when I wanted to save some photo's or documents to it (read: on holidays, unpack from bag, plug, play, return to bag). At home I would just use my proper laptop or a desktop.


As for diddy... yes the keyboard it small. Hell of a lot easier than texting! I had 'fat finger' syndrome the first day, and still hit the wrong key occasionally, but it is perfectly usable. I am glad I have a touchpad though - rather than a mid keyboard button.

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