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My Christmas day consists of morning present opening with the youngest niece and Mr Snowhunters Family.


Afternoon National Christmas Lampoons - Full Christmas Dinner - Turkey, Pork, Ham, Baked Vegetables, Steamed Vegetables, Gravy Cranberry Sauce. YUMMY!!


Desert Pumpkin Pie, Pavlova, Christmas Pudding, Trifle.


Very Family Affair Brothers, Sisters, Wives, Girlfriends, Nieces and Nephews. Just add alcohol and stand back and enjoy the family antics. doh

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Originally Posted By: Go Native
I'll be working and am thankful I don't have to spend it with Family. Another one of the great things about living in Japan! thumbsup

hahaha. lol i know where you are coming from
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I have a day with the parents (They're getting on a bit, so I am driving them up to my sister's. There will be the grand kids (at least my sister's kids, mine are all OS) and a trip back home again before dinner. Round trip of about 32km for lunch.


Then, back to building work, and preparing for the flight out to Osaka on Tuesday week.




Hope everyone has a good time.

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Cray, prawns, salmon, 3 doz oysters massive leg of ham... and all between 2!

Will be on leftovers for a week, but looking forward to it.

No family here, just the beach and our new mates...

Family ain't that bad Go Native..

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AH WELL another Christmas over and done with. smile


ATE WAY to much, Drank a little to much back in training tomorrow.


How did National Lampoon's Christmas Go!!!

Family enjoyed merriment with Punch & Eggnog, (not mixed together)not a good combination especially as I had made them and were both HEAVILY laden with Alcohol.


One family member decided not to dirty anymore glasses and decided to drink straight from the bottle of wine, much to the amusement of the grandparents. Then broke out in a rash all over and calling an ambulance was on the cards.

Big Brother managed to push everyones buttons and got into an argument with everyone.

One family member disappeared later to be found passed out in bed.

Heated argument erupted over whose desert was better. (nearly ended in a food fight) rollabout


I could keep going but it would take another hour. All that said I had a WONDERFUL Christmas, got totally spoilt and as much as it does my head in LOVED spending time with all the family. kiss

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