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Hi mark - in Ojiya I see. I'm in Muikamachi. Well, I call it that (Minamiuonuma officially).


I don't know of any shop in Yuzawa other than Murataya just near Route 17 near the centre. It's only small though.


Nagaoka might be better.

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call up Rapies in Hakuba. They have a website. Their stuff is always a little discounted and their shipping is ridiculously cheap


I know for sure they have those snowshoes


to find their site just do a google search for rapie hakuba

and they'll pop first. just had a look on the site and they don't have a price for them listed, so you'll have to call them up. They speak English.

TEL 0261-72-7550

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  • SnowJapan Admin

Hi Mark and welcome. I was in Murataya in Yuzawa this evening and asked them - they couldn't show me any and couldn't tell me much more regarding makes etc but said they did (will?) stock snow shoes. As muikabochi said, it's a small, local - but friendly - shop. Anyway I thought I'd just add that. Good luck. (A few Yamakoshi fans on here).

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Are you sure you want Denali Evo Ascents?


MSR Lightning Ascents are so much easier to use. Lightning Ascents have a heel lift for the steeps, and crampon-like teeth that dig into ice/crust really well.


as it turns out, i have an extra pair, brand new.


MSR Lightning Ascent, Green 22 inch 1644g (pair)










these retail in Japan for 41,000 yen.


i'm selling them for basically what i paid for to get them here to tokyo: 30,000yen


PM me if you're interested. i can takkyubin them to you.

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Thanks for asking them on my behalf, much appreciated.


Whilst I live in Ojiya Yamakoshi has been my daytime home for the last 11 months, a truly beautiful place.


In winter many of my daily photographic spots become inaccesible due to the snow, hence my desire to get some snowshoes to reach them this winter. Last winter I used some traditional Japanese snowshoes, they really weren't designed for someone of 20 stones, but they helped to a degree!




They got me where I wanted to get



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