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rollabout Thursday and Ger


Had a good old chuckle remembering last season's thread.


Currently on 173cm Blizzard Titan Cronus 123-88-110


Was worried that they would keep me afloat in comparison with my Salomon slalom skis (65mm under foot) from last season.


Needless worrying.

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Originally Posted By: Stephanie
Nice pics.

Can you tell me is there official opening and closing dates of Japan's season and what are those dates? Sorry to ask here, I just didn't think it necessary to start a new thread.

Up here in the Niseko Resort Area it's 22 November 2008 - 07 May 2009
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Originally Posted By: Curt
That's right.

I've never actually been to Niseko but I just know it's crap.



At least being the cultural capital of Japan means we don't have to rely on the ski field alone for tourism. party
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Mike Pow, I noticed a thread by you on another board


"I ski instruct for a living and the pitch of the terrain and the density of the snow in this area is the best I've experienced to enable recreational skiers to transition from piste to off-piste and from shallow depth powder to nip deep powder


I am in Niseko for a week from 7 Feb (then Furano then Nozawa) and looking to get a few lessons along precisely those lines. How can we get in touch with you?

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